Kayaking the Clarion River


This trip was super peaceful and very enjoyable. Though the water levels were a bit low we only had to pull the kayaks a couple times. Camping is great on the …


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  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions on a Wednesday evening. Two new awesome videos in my subscriber queue. One is your kayaking vlog and the other was a mountain lion encounter by Homemade Wanderlust on the CDT. Anyway, have to watch them both. Great adventure vlog Jason. I loved seeing the wildlife and pranking Rick with the snake was classic. Very cool!

  2. What's this? Floating down a river like a duck is doing nothing to get those AT legs ready. LOL! Seriously though, Awesome video. Glad you had a great time . Got a little deep there for a moment. Keep you head up. February will be here before you know it. Enjoy the journey and be thankful for the little things. Oh yeah BTW….weird seeing you in that hat man. Go get your buff back. And quit trying to be Gary with a life jacket. Lol Cheers!!!!!

  3. What was the trail of your next trip called

  4. Michael M says:

    No not the cold SPAM again! Lol thanks for posting Jason, enjoyed every minute!

  5. Dragon Roams says:

    Looks like a great trip. OA bingo is great need a shirt now with that incorporated I'd buy that.

  6. Jim Bowling says:

    I envy trips like this… I am planning one right now… Thanks for the video, cannot wait for the AT.. Good luck on that trip.. Did you see that big fish jump right after the eagle sitting. 6:13 over your left shoulder


  8. Welcome to the wonderful Clarion River! Finally a video I've done 1st lol usually I'm recording my adventures on trails you've blazed before. Next time you do Y rapid stay to the left (check out my canoe videos)

  9. Looked like a fun trip, the weasel and eagle footage was neat! Looking forward to the next hiking video.

  10. r3dreck says:

    Where did you get the map from? And who was the shuttle?

  11. cgriggsiv says:

    Thank you for showing the strip and yes it looks like you had yourself a blast and a half
    fun times good times

  12. David Baird says:

    Dear freeze
    I like the mix of water sports a and backpacking videos. Been watching Gary and he is killing it . Looking forward to seeing your thur hike next year ✌✌

  13. Really enjoyed seeing a snippet of you in your most raw and deep moment of thinking. Hiking, kayaking, any outdoor activity to decompress always helps to gather ourselves. Awesome trip and can't wait for you to start the AT next year.

  14. Was up there hiking Cook Forest a few weeks ago and waa trying to find the otters on the Clarion. No luck

  15. Trail Cat says:

    That is a sweet map he had. Do you know where one could get that? Looked like a sweet trip! Hope your stresses sort out and know we believe in you and send positive vibes your way:)

  16. G Man says:

    Crap…..now I need to get a Kayak…lol

  17. Jon T Snow says:

    Hi everyone! Beginner kayaker here. Does anyone have recommendations for a person like myself. I only plan to take it out on lakes and rivers. I live near the Gulf so occasional beach trip into the water. Don’t want to break the bank. Thanks!

  18. Consider buying hospital scrubs. Light color will reflect the sun rays . Lighter than sweatpants. Protect your legs from the sun too. I always bring a pair when I kayak camp.

  19. Myn6211 says:

    Awesome video. Really enjoyed your journey down the Clarion.

  20. Nghia Do says:

    Frozen. Will u be doing a food video soon? Im curious to see hows ur new meal system?

  21. Awesome trip man! I plan on incorporating a kayak into my future trip videos as well, adds some flavor.

  22. Sometime consider coming to WV and doing the Greenbrier River. Much easier to have places to camp

  23. Trevor Dixon says:

    Looks like a fun trip! Might have to do a some kayaking in the future

  24. Just an FYI for future reference…… about 6 miles down from the "burger joint" that was closed – known to us who use that area as their stompin' grounds as the Hallton Hilton – there are free campsites in the National Forest at a place called Robin Island. I camp there pretty frequently. As far as the canoe campsites at Clear Creek State Park (I've camped there since 1976 when I started going there with my parents). You can leave your canoes/kayaks up on the flat part of the river bank and walk up through camp site 41 to get to the "canoe sites". If you nose around on my Facebook photography page, there are pictures of this area that you can look at. https://www.facebook.com/DavidL.SchmudePhotography/ Just out of curiosity, who shuttled you to Ridgway? If it was the Pale Whale Canoe Livery, my cousin Matt owns that business. Glad you had a good time. If you ever want to do this area again, give me a shout on Facebook. I can help you with some logistics. Looking forward to your Quehanna video. (Also my stompin' grounds). Watch out for rattlesnakes there !!

  25. Nathan Grey says:

    Always enjoy your videos, thank you, cause I know it is time consuming to produce good video footage.

  26. uptrail71 says:

    Very good video despite the audio, but that's why you use the GoPro in the river. I would also switch back to the Warbonnet if they would ever offer fabric choices like the DH. Since my DH zipper problem I'm now always worried on each trip that it could fail. It has worked good for now since the 2nd night at Mohican.

  27. Evan Morgan says:

    Reppin' PA rivers and forests! Love it! Pennsylvania wilderness is a hidden treasure! Keep them coming.

  28. Bob McElwee says:

    would be able to send me details on this trip we are looking into it?

  29. Awesome stuff.  That was a mink, they are really cool critters.

  30. My favorite thing to do is kayaking in moving water. We finally broke our dry spell in central NY so we will be out this Sunday finally!

  31. I enjoy your videos. You and Sintax77 should join up for a trip.

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