John Muir Trail 2017 – A 13 Day Documentary


It’s a high snow year in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Two brothers, Jimmy & Michael, attempt the entire length of the John Muir Trail starting from Whitney Portal and ending in Happy Isles…


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48 Responses to “John Muir Trail 2017 – A 13 Day Documentary”

  1. Larry Werner says:

    Great video, guys! That's a trip I've wanted to do for years, but never got around to it. Thanks for letting me live it thru you.

  2. J's Travels says:

    Mt Whitney is definitely the next step after Mt san gorgonio but it's always good to have in between hikes to build up your body

  3. Bike Vids says:

    Not more Asian invaders. They think they own the world.

  4. Jay T says:

    ya soak all your gear in bug repellant no wonder people get cancer. You seem like inexperienced hikers your lucky you didnt get a
    altitude sickness that shit kills people

  5. Loved watching you and your brother on this epic journey. Thanks for sharing such an amazing trip. You further inspire me to do the JMT, a trail I have wanted to do for many years. So cool you got to do it with your brother. Happy trails.

  6. Thing's I wish my brother didn't ruin my life over so we could have endured this life together I'm so proud of you both as a group of men bonding

  7. Also bet this cleaned your spirit and soul

  8. Kx RV66 says:

    Awesome! Has been on my bucket list since high school yearbook in 1974. Have done many segments of JMT but not end to end yet (maybe)? Thanks for documenting your trip!

  9. BEACH LIFE78 says:

    AWESOME video really enjoyed it very intersting journey 🙂

  10. Total respect to you both. An awesome achievement.

  11. Great video guys. Very inspirational

  12. Bob Shattuck says:

    I just want to know what happened to your car, since you left it in the Vons parking lot??

  13. 4XPEDITION says:

    Really nice, guys. Really nice.

  14. Eric Kwik says:

    Whats up with the red snow? Ive been watching a bunch of hikeing vids and see this in a lot of places.

  15. Great job guys, the vistas where breathtaking. Thanks for sharing and taking me along. 😇✌

  16. Space Bar says:

    I did the JMT. 2 summers ago. This brings back many memories. Thank you. I did it the opposite way as you though. Edit: geez! When I was at guitar lake it was hard to find a campsite

  17. Samuel Adams says:

    Great video guys! Makes me even more excited for my partial JMT trip this year.

  18. susan brown says:

    Really enjoyed this hike.thanks boys.

  19. Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!

  20. Preciosa Aventura. Bien planificada

  21. Thanks for this. It brought back memories. In 1974 at 14 years of age, I hiked the same but the opposite direction. It's good to see that it looks the same except for the larger size of the store at the end and the crowds on that side of trail.

  22. John Hogan says:

    Thanks for doing this video gents. Makes me want to do it now. I combed your docs to see your tent – thought I recognized it from aliexpress. I took the naturehike fly creek copy (in heavier fabrics) on the overland track in Tasmania last year – it did well! I do wish I'd bought their hubba copy though. 2 doors, 2 vestibules. Maybe the topfly 4 season is the cheap but good option? Hmmm. Anyway, cheers guys.

  23. The Journey says:

    This is AWESOME! It would be so great to do this someday. Props to you guys 🙂 That is a lot of hard work and dedication! new sub here too!

  24. Great job, guys. Thanks for sharing your adventure. So beautiful up there and you did it tremendous service with your excellent videography, nice pacing, and dialogue.

  25. Ning yama says:

    Thanks for your sharing on my list

  26. HammockerSam says:

    Loved it, but, and I know I'm participating in it now, I felt like there was a lot of belly-achin'.

  27. Awesome job with this video! I really feel like watching it has pushed me over the edge and now I’m pulling the trigger on planning my trip out there!

  28. Just curious as to what time of the year you guys did this trail! Thanks!

  29. Thoroughly enjoyed your documentary! Great video.

  30. Why are you wearing tennis shoes? Should have worn proven backpacking boots! Your must have been cold and Wet!

  31. Bruiser1651 says:

    Thank you for sharing your great adventure.

  32. Dan Miller says:

    You guys rock. This is a most excellent video.

  33. Shiwei Li says:

    I really love you said “All we had to do is walk it, but somebody had to build it" I should really try out all my efforts to protect all out there, the trail, the environment, the spirit! Thanks for the video!!

  34. Macie says:

    So awe struck with your hiking experience. You both did an amazing job! Love the photography of beautiful nature, your experience and sharing it with the world.

  35. Sean Speigel says:

    Very nice video editing. Beautiful scenery. You say this was filmed on an iPhone 7. What did you use to store footage on? Thanks.

  36. What is your next trip project?? Love your vdeo.

  37. Hello Boys. Hab euch schon in so machen Videos gesehen. Ich beneide euch um die Naturschönheiten bei euch. Werde dort wohl nie hin kommen. SCHADE. Macht wieter so. Werde mir weiterhin die Videos von euch anschauen.

  38. Enid Montes says:

    what camera is used to document the video you see everything beautiful?????

  39. very inspiring!! I am doing this next year. hope to see you on the trail…..any trail

  40. I really enjoyed sharing in your trip. Well done video and the scenery is just fantastic. Hope you have another adventure and make another video of it. All the best to you both!

  41. Jinx Joker says:

    how did you manage to keep your phone charged throughout the trip?

  42. Thank you so much for sharing. Might have the opportunity to do this same stretch of JMT in Sept 2018, if one of 8 people with a permit drops out! So many breathtaking views, and all different every day. Seeing you guys do it, gives me faith I can do it, too!! <3
    One little constructive comment, next time, turn more slowly when you do the panoramic views. They were all pretty fast and made me dizzy! Also the volume is pretty low. All in all, a GREAT video. Also your gear lists are super organized and the post-hike comments of what you used and didn't use were AWESOME. I think looking back and evaluating what worked (and didn't) is super important.

  43. Felipe Lopez says:

    Badass next year I’ll do it

  44. Congratulations..amazing shots in areas most people never see. What kind of camera was that? Thats some of the best video I have seen. I have done the 26 mile hike thru thousand island lakes as a teenager. Thanks for this video.

  45. David Park says:

    How did you get such steady footage without a gimbal? Also did you have a solar charger to charge your anker Power bank?

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