Jaybelle's Appalachian Trail Gear List


This is my gear list for my 2017 Appalachian Trail thru hike.


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  1. Great gear list! You are right to carry more stuff in the beginning and as you go down the trail you will figure out what you need out there. I would love to see a video of trail recipes. I'm always looking for new things to cook while hiking and camping.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Good luck!

  3. lostagain says:

    Hi Jaybelle! Just came across your channel and you've got a pretty good set of gear there. The groundsheet was a smart move over the Tyvek. And that sit pad is great! I've got about 3 of them and they work perfectly well as a sitpad, or knee pad. you've made some smart clothing choices too. Kudos! 🙂 One thing though I'd add some anti-biotic and/or burn cream. Remember you're going to be dealing not only with an open flame, but boiling water as well. As for your cookset, ask yourself, "Do I drink coffee/tea every day, or will I want hot cocoa in the evening?" The answer should determine whether or not you need something for a cup. One thing though, don't tie the Ursack to a tree. Hang it wherever you can Bears aren't the issue, mice, squirrels and other little critters are the problem. Nice buy on the poles. Good luck on the hike. I'll be following along.

  4. lostagain says:

    OH! a couple of other things. You won't need 2 liters of water in the warmer weather. There's plenty of water on the trail. Especially now that they're getting a lot more rain. And your base weight is fine. You may decide to ditch the skillet, but you know what you'll be eating. Once you add both food and water, your total weight will come out to about 30 pounds. I think you'll be fine out there. Have fun!

  5. Rooting for you jaybelle. I start next Thursday and cannot wait. My wife and son are also amazing for letting me do this as well. Good luck. I will be vloging so subscribe if you want to follow along until your start date.

  6. Thanks for the great video, Jaybelle! Always fun to see what others are bringing with them. I'll be starting my hike mid-April. 'Hope to see you out there! (Definitely a foodie! I look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future!)

  7. Gary V says:

    Good Luck and Happy Hiking.. subscribed. Visit mine when you have a chance.

  8. Ken Bayard says:

    Good luck, following along.

  9. Dan Flammang says:

    I enjoyed your video and I will follow your progress. There is a reason no two hikers carry the same gear, you have to know what's most important to meeting your unique needs, and it sounds like you have a good handle on that. I wish you all the best.

  10. Nana Wren says:

    Good luck, pace yourself, enjoy every moment. Don't be hard on yourself. I prefer cooking on trail too, I think it gives a chance to unwind and relax. I've wanted to hike that trail since I was 14. Soon. I'm collecting gear.

  11. I get cold really easy too, no fun 🙁

  12. Lamp Lighter says:

    Congratulations Jaybelle on your epic dream come true thru-hike. Not only are you doing something for yourself, you also are leaving a legacy behind for your family as they follow along as to how you will be living on trail. You are going to make it all the way in more ways than you might imagine! You and your family will all benifit in the long run.😊 As for your new start in the Seattle area of Washington, you and your family will succeed abundantly. My wife and I live just north of Seattle in the Vancouver area, Canada. Washington State is a beautiful area to raise your family. You've done a great job with your well thought out kit. Your total weight is very good for what you will be carrying. Blessings to you and your family as you all "hike on'' together! Lamplighter (A.T. 2019) out!

  13. Drew Gilmour says:

    Good luck on your trip, looking forward to your food lists and trail recipes. Im planning my AT trip in 2018 !

  14. Hiker says:

    Impressive Gear! Subscribed

  15. cnawan says:

    That's a nice collection of gear. I suppose the Spot is enough emergency preparedness for such a well travelled and signposted trail, but I'd consider a compass and a whistle. I'm not a gram weenie though 🙂 Happy trails anyway, I look forward to seeing your perspective of the AT.

  16. Was there food in that pack? If not I would suggest putting 4-5 day's worth of food in there as well and 1 liter of water and just walk around the block. The weight seems fine but food takes up more space than people think so your pack may be pretty packed full. Also, is your food bag big enough for your pots plus food?

  17. Hi There! says:

    I'm a chef, too, but I don't do anything more extravagant on trail than boil water. I make my dinners at home then dehydrate them. On trail I boil water and engage in Freezer Bag Cooking using a pot cozy made from cheap car windshield reflector material. Look into it and same some serious cookware weight. I use the SnowPeak Titanium Mini cookset: a pot, a mug and a lid. Ditch the stuff stack. You definitely should ditch the skillet. Good luck with the trip. It's gonna be challenging, fun, miserable and rewarding. You'll love it!

  18. Myles says:

    What is that yellow tag on your backpack? Good luck on your trip!

  19. Echo says:

    love your voice is so soothing.

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