Instructional climbing video – placing protection


We created this instructional climbing video in the summer of 2008 as a pilot to a forthcoming instructional climbing DVD. Presented by Jason Bailey.


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31 Responses to “Instructional climbing video – placing protection”

  1. Tom Hay says:

    best gear placing video i have ever seen can you make one on anchoring and how to top rope from a anchor

  2. Grant Wood says:

    wow, what great tips and advice! i will definitatly use this information and pass it on!

  3. James Ward says:

    Great video! I was just wondering when you would choose to use a hex over a nut, or a cam over a hex etc? Very informative and useful video.

  4. Mike Beamish says:

    Excellent and very informative video, well presented. Thank you…

  5. It is rare to find a good instructionvideo, this one is the first "good" one i have found, If anyone knows about other please link to them 🙂

  6. Simple & helpful. Congrats!

  7. johngo6283 says:

    This is one of the best instructional videos I've ever seen on Youtube. Superb work, I will suggest it to all my climbing students. Thanks for your work!

  8. DasEnigma says:

    An amazing video great work! Thank you. Finally someone who has good camera placement good simple instructions and doesn't rush through anything. Thank you.

  9. wooflock says:

    Very nice vid! pity it isent available on DVD or other media. I most certainly would buy it.

  10. As an Instructional Designer, I find that the instructional component combined with the video production has got quite o lot of good elements. The instructional I see as a good overview that could be broken down into specific element. In general though I Iike what you have produced.

  11. what knot did you tie to belay from above?

  12. goldking12 says:

    Beautiful and helpful instructional video for beginners!!! Thank you.

  13. jebachmajke says:

    this video DVD production quality! Very nice !

  14. Great video! Sorry the dvd never came out

  15. Great instructional video, liked it alot, clear and methodical, shame that the DVD wasn't produced.

  16. 1984rbarker says:

    nice video dude. Just one gripe, there was no need to knot the sling at the end though. Bad practice in my opinion.

  17. Will Mackay says:

    Amazing video– this has answered a lot of questions for me.. I've subscribed. Thank you!

  18. Nice video! Keep it up!

  19. good vid ! well done !

  20. James Lilley says:

    Brilliant video. Well presented, instructional and easily comprehended. Bravo.

  21. Richie Roche says:

    Great video …thanks for sharing..

  22. Austin Sosa says:

    Best video I've seen so far on the topic

  23. at 7:29 did he backstep the rope?

  24. Steven Thaw says:

    Two locking carabiners for the anchor belay loop with space for two more carabiners.

  25. DetNosnip says:

    Nice primer on placing pro, although…do you guys never use extendable alpine draws (runners)? Also, is it common place to belay off of a single anchor like that? Granted, both the boulder and the spire were pretty solid, but not redundant…

  26. Ryan Reese says:

    The anchor which is "about as good as it gets" has zero redundancy. If the rock moves, the gear fails, or some other calamity happens (which they do), the anchor will fail, which is a real drag for everyone involved.

  27. What if you reach a point where there is no cracks, like almost smooth surface and you're really high up? Time to go down or is there a workaround? Sorry, I obviously don't know shit about climbing. I just saw the movie Meru and I was fascinated at how they did it towards the top where the granite were and how delicate they were. How did they do that part cause they didn't show it.

  28. Eric Moss says:

    Hex's too noisy? Roll up some cardboard and stuff it within.

  29. TheSvenVids says:

    I too have a pair of Boreal Jokers.

  30. In horizontal cracks the outward lobes should be placed downward. Your photo is contrary to this

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