Inside Look: Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody


Hugely versatile, this lightweight insulated jacket is suitable for all outdoor activities. Warm, wind and weather resistant it performs superbly as an outer jacket or …


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19 Responses to “Inside Look: Arc'teryx Atom LT Hoody”

  1. Looks good for alpine skiing, cross country skiing in cold conditions. plus mountaineering in cold days.
    Outdoor Research has a similar piece which is cheaper. the cathode I think it is.
    I have to say having a hood gives you a lot more warmth .

  2. spetznaazz says:

    Would you recommend the Atom AR or the LT for a windy city with temperatures ranging from 4-10C?

  3. spetznaazz says:

    Which color is this?

  4. Absolutely the best jacket I have ever owned! Super versatile, ultralight and great looking. Fantastic for layering with just about any system. This is the only jacket I wear all year long. Even in the Colorado winters. A must have!!

  5. guti1101 says:

    I recommend this product to Hooligans!

  6. What's your height/weight and what's your jacket size ? (My english is not good so that i am asking )

  7. Darren Chen says:

    I like that you added the climbing helmet on! it really helps demonstrate the volume of the hood. Thank you!

  8. pg259 says:

    I really like the LT, but i´d really prefer better insulation at the flanks. The stretch is a huge let-down on real cold days.

  9. Blue Lotus says:

    Are these safe to wear around the campfire without getting holes from small fire sparks that blow from wood fires?

  10. Jay Manalo says:

    What's the lowest comfortable temp to wear this?

  11. Greetings Paul. Do you have personal experience with the Xenon X and/or the Nano Air? I'm trying to decide between the Xenon X, Atom LT, and Nano Air. Any info from someone with personal experience with them would be helpful for comparison.

  12. MrMythorst says:

    First fo all, thanks for the great inside look of this jacket. Really great information. Second of all, whats the minimum of climate you would say you can use it ? Like how many degrees celsius you would say its made for ? Thanks a lot.

  13. jacobs akcat says:

    What the coldest you think it could handle with a hoodie underneath?

  14. On its own, would it work pretty well as a lightweight all weather travel jacket? What is the temp range for this being a comfortable wear?

  15. Nick Velez says:

    atom lt or the atom ar? im torn betwwen the two, i dont know which one to get, i live in NH where it tends to get really cold. help, thanks

  16. ive just received two (in price reduced) Atom lt's, one in XL and one in L. I have a bit of a belly + rescue ring but that is not an issue. Also my chest (latissimus) is quite big since I do workout in gym often. And this is where the problem is with this jacket: its powerstretch part is a little too tight between latissimus and armpit 🙁 it feels a bit like my arm pits are irritated, eventhough they jacket itself does not wrap around them, its pretty annoying. The only thing I can do is : live with that or upsize to XL; And XL is more comfy but actually too large in length (covers almost my entire butt) and ''saggy''. Please Arc'teryx, consider also guys which are not totally slim around the chest.

  17. I’m 5’8 160 and a Medium was just a little to small for me, hopefully a Large isn’t so to big. I really loved how comfortable it felt, keeps you warm, and looks great.

  18. Should check out the new variation of the Proton LT.

    I have one on Labrynth and its phenomenal. I use it as a stand alone or in a system over my Fortrez and under my Alpha SV.

  19. lassebach79 says:

    Can it be used as a midlayer for alpine skiing under a shell jacket (whitout insulation) i Norway i -5 degrens cencius? or would a normal ski flees be better ?

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