How to spend a day in St Kitts in the Caribbean. Tips for Travellers


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30 Responses to “How to spend a day in St Kitts in the Caribbean. Tips for Travellers”

  1. M. Hamza says:

    Wondering why the streets are dirty!!

  2. Cj Hart says:

    Friars beach has been all but eroded away. Visited October 2015
    Watch your back in town,was followed through two gift shops by a local eyeing my GOPRO camera.

  3. Anna Webb says:

    I'm going to St Kitts in a week for a week.

  4. That ship horn must be a pain in the ass for the locals

  5. First sighted by Christopher Columbus… really? So we are just going to ignore the indigenous people that were already there?

  6. I Was in St Kitts/ Nevis In June 2016 for the Music Festival. I had amazing time the beach, tour the food the people. I had such amazing 8 days, I am returning next year and staying longer. If you need a tour of the Island, please look for Big Banana, awesome trip, great laughs, very knowledgeable of the Island and the Drinks, he was NOT shy!. Best Ever!!!

  7. St Kitts is not very impressive to me.

  8. I am surprised for a tourist island that the streets are littered.  These are the areas where the governments seem to fail. You want people to come but you don't hire people to clean the streets.  They seem to always overlook these small details.

  9. A. C. says:

    The streets only look like that during carnival time and as soon as the parades are over, the street cleaners hit the street and have them looking as if they were never littered minutes ago. There is so much to see here on my beautiful island and so much to do. Also, there were inhabitants on the island before Christopher Columbus!

  10. helipilot27 says:

    2:14 Did you say grubby and violent?

  11. Teeh H says:

    St. Kitts is a Lovely place and the streets are always clean. I remember several people on the cruise shed tears because they wanted to stay.

  12. Dak G says:

    One of the best places in the world to me. The people of St. Kitts are fortunate to call such a lovely place home.

  13. 🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳💯

  14. Wait this video had to have been during carnival y the streets look like that

  15. We have one of the best zipline in the world in SG.kitts

  16. Thank you and please come ad I am proud of my home country

  17. sead bakr says:

    nice place realey wich to go soon

  18. Beautiful, can't wait to go

  19. LIES! LIES! LIES! Christopher Columbus did discover anywhere, he was a murderer and a thief.

  20. Hello I am from Iraq and would like to travel to the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis for tourism, please help to get a visa

  21. JohnSAitken says:

    I'll be with you all in St Kitts on the  22.12.2017. I love all them Islands in the West Indies.

  22. Tom Schuette says:

    The first part of this video it shows litter all over the place. I hope they have good garbage service. The island looks awesome!!!

  23. This is only a fraction of what the island has to offer. there is much to do and see in SKB.

  24. Rawaa Ahmed says:

    Ugh this guy’s voice is putting me down

  25. This make me home sick . I'm happy you enjoy ( sugar city) that's what the locals call the island. Thanks again

  26. j t says:

    Stunning beach? I don't think so ! Varadero beach, Cuba one of the best in the world!
    You are falsely promoting St Kitts.

  27. easyifyoutry says:

    2.12 look at all that trash at the side of the road!

  28. A.Y.S T says:

    Who told you that st kitts have more monkey than people on that lsland ???

  29. I sat and drank beer with many of the locals in St.Kitts.Mostly all black indigenous there,and I was the only white guy.Not like in USA where blacks would beat a loan white at a bar.These locals taught me so much of their history,that our history books in USA never told us b4.St.Kitts is very worth visiting,and not dangerous at all.Dont think just because you're white,that you cant talk to the blacks there.So much to learn from them.I cant wait to go back there.Wonderful scenes and wonderful local people.

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