How to Sleep in a Rental Car: Advice from Arctic Norway


Professional traveler Glenn Campbell offers some advice for sleeping in a rental car, speaking from north of the Arctic Circle on the edge of winter. Filmed on 2 Oct 2015 in Vestre Jakobselv…


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  1. Thanks for this Glenn. I've slept in a car of similar size many times.

    I like to have my legs as straight as possible. What I did was move the front seats forward and as my car was two door, it allowed the seat to fold forward also. My body was in the back, with my legs toward the front. Not perfect, but it worked. I had to do something with the hand brake though, like putting something over it to stop it pinching me.

    Yes, I had a pee bottle too. I also kept breakfast in the car ready.

  2. Ty Brady says:

    Seems like there would be rental cars where the back seats fold down to give more area. Either going to a hatch back or into the trunk. Those cars might be more expensive though.

  3. Well I think you have convinced me not to go to Norway. But I enjoyed the video.

  4. motto hockey says:

    Goody rental cars 🙂

  5. MG says:

    Why do you think hotels are so expensive? Would you say it's like $500 plus for a regular room?

  6. Im a norwegian and I doubt you would pay as much as you said. 😉
    But then again. I could be wrong. xD

  7. How do you keep yourself clean? Do you bathe in the ponds or rivers? Or do you not bathe at all? And how to you brush your teeth?

  8. This is what Roxette sang about in their song ’’Sleeping in my car’’.

  9. gladitsnotme says:

    bruh, airbnb has entire cabins for $40 a night wtf

  10. When getting an update regarding Area 51? interesting video series.

  11. Dan Ney says:

    I traveled a lot with my Renault Cangoo! Very comfortable to sleep in, even on the driver seat! By the way, Coleman BIG GAME is a very warm and comfortable sleeping bag, perfect for car camping, but not suited for backpacking cause to heavy! Thanks for the video!

  12. GOTTshua says:

    A large plastic coffee container works as a girl pee-bucket.  Keep the plastic lid to cover.  Easy to dispose of contents in the morning.

  13. Don't take sleeping pills or drugs along. It can cause embolism and stuff.
    Better use compression stockings too.
    I found sleeping on the front chair better, leaning back and supporting the legs with clothes.

  14. Jack S says:

    An additional good tip :
    Before going to sleep, be sure the engine is at max heat (working temperature, no overheated)
    Then close the windows and turn on the blower (hot) on MAX.
    Leave the blower on after turning off the engine, as long as the air coming out is hot.

  15. Necuno says:

    Why not just idle the engine and turn on the AC? (I've done that many times on german rest stops, uses maybe 5 liters of fuel) Ohh and pee outside.. dude… don't do that in the car.. disgusting

  16. I've been to Norway and didn't pay hundreds for a hotel room. Payed about $70-$90 per night for a room, TV, wifi, bath, and breakfast. Bought dinner at the local grocery store and saved a bundle compared going to a restaurant. Get a small diesel car to save on gas.

  17. MrEd says:

    You relise you can lay the back seats flat and use the boot space too right?

  18. I lived out of my car for about 3 weeks when I was between apartments. Its kinda rough in the beginning but its not too bad once you get used to it!

  19. Fantastic video thanks for uploading, I am taking my family on a road trip summer 2018 in a big 7 seater from UK to Helsinki and Helsinki to Nordkapp via Rovaniemi and Nordkapp back to the UK via Tromso, Senja, Lofoten Islands, Trondheim, Alesund, Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and on to the UK. Could you please share your camping, cabin experiences and where to camp or book cabins on the way from Nordkapp to Oslo, and if we do free camping how do we have a bath, because we are going up north via Sweden to Nordkapp and any other advice since we are travelling with 3 children under 8 years old, thanks

  20. Put ur passenger seat flat and sleep in an L shape.

  21. mr jubjub says:

    my car didn't come with air

  22. IMHO if you can aford to sleep in a càmping (almost) you mai go to other country. They are many beautiful places not expensives

  23. Marlin Roth says:

    Awesome! I live in Virginia, USA and I am going to buy cheap plane tickets to get to Florida and go fishing for a day or two so I can make some fishing videos there! I figured I would rent a car but needed some advice for sleeping in the rental car overnight so I don't have to buy a hotel room as well. I think I'll see if I can find some cheap parking garage and park in a crowded part of it to go to sleep.

  24. stalin1909 says:

    i was in the Northern part of norway in summer 2016 . just a bit south of trondheim ..And the hotels are not that expensive 160$ or so a night with family and a good breakfast . however i could see myself sleeping in a rental if traveling solo . did it before , not that hard at all..

  25. FireFly says:

    and you got Jeans ON BAD BAD Jeans Hold the Cold and if you Sweat or get wet the you lose body heat

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