How to Find Street Camping in LA | Solo Female Van Dwelling


Using LAMC 85.02 – Vehicle Dwelling, I show you how to use the vehicle dwelling maps from the City of Los Angeles and Google Maps to find legal, safe places …


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24 Responses to “How to Find Street Camping in LA | Solo Female Van Dwelling”

  1. livnletlrn says:

    Wow. Super-helpful. I would have never even thought of boondocking someplace like LA, but now, maybe I'll visit sometime. Thanks, Joni!

  2. FreeRV says:

    Great information thank you!

  3. Gil says:

    Very useful. Thx

  4. Excellent information, thanks!

  5. Rob MM says:

    I live in Northern California and I would like to find parking in Oakland/ San Francisco

  6. Great info! Hope your event was enjoyable and nothing crazy happens in L.A. Take care! 🙂

  7. Jane Lindsay says:

    Great information. Thanks

  8. Jane Lindsay says:

    Great information. Thanks

  9. Offgrid Jack says:

    I would NEVER park on either of those streets you zoomed in on as you will be a target for drunk drivers that head for the back of the car in front of them. Unless you want to get slammed into by somebody doing about 50 while you are sound asleep, stick with Walmart, Hospital parking lots and churches.

  10. Pat Chandler says:

    very cool! What a great tool to know about.

  11. RU JEEPN says:

    It's too bad you couldn't put the call out for parking prior to your trip. You could of parked right on the ocean on the Rincon (Ventura Beach) for $30. Also, just north of Malibu is Thornhill Broom, part of Point Miguel SP. Pretty cheap also!

  12. Robert Allen says:

    I've parked in L.A., street camping/stealth boondocking whatever … mostly in Venice Beach area…I just find a ton of other cars parked on the street and wedge myself in…works well for me, never have been bothered even tho' I have an Arizona license plate…and I always sleep well..thx for the vid!

  13. Sandy L says:

    Great info! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Pete Gaither says:

    Soooo, I was watching a Seven Wanders the World video and had the thought that you two have several similar expressions and mannerisms. Are you related? (Do I get a prize for the weirdest question of the day? LOL

  15. PeachSJW says:

    What do you use to get that magnifying glass effect at the cursor?

  16. RV DAVY says:

    I just subbed your channel would you be so kind to sub me back thank you.

  17. Just vandwell in Compton like I did. Everyone too busy hiding from the police helicopter.😅

  18. Ronald Rowan says:

    Not any more dear. City of LA has clamped down on all overnight sleeping in parked vehicles. But they are to blame with the ridiculous city government policies that have created an enormous homeless problem.

  19. I moved into my van on July 1st. After visiting a few of those green streets, a lot aren't even parking places. Many aren't safe, are red zones and some were for water vehicles. LA is full of crap with those maps. I wonder if anything will change with the expiration date.

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