How to Empty Your RV Holding Tanks | Pete’s RV Quick Tips

1537062312_maxresdefault.jpg expert, Randy Murray provides a step-by-step overview on how to empty your RV holding tanks. As Randy explains, with the black holding tank, …


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17 Responses to “How to Empty Your RV Holding Tanks | Pete’s RV Quick Tips”

  1. THETOPGLOCK says:

    You are one cool guy Randy. Well spoken and to the point. Enjoy the videos 👍

  2. vegasdavetv says:

    randy rocks. i come here just to watch randys videos which we need more of

  3. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about rvs

  4. I don't understand how my tanks are closed but when I do dishes my kitchen sink still drains out of the main drain opening out side.

  5. Lex Conor says:

    I thought you're supposed to close the black gate valve before opening the grey…does it matter?

  6. First I though an alien invasion was taking place. But when I saw the end I knew an alien invasion took place. At one point in time. LOL LOL

  7. Peter Boyles says:

    Where's the poop go? Now we know.

  8. Hi … brand new to this. What is the plastic connector from the hose to the out valve called and also the one that goes to the ground that you took off because it doesn't fit where you are….nice video and thanks a lot for taking the time to share.

  9. Isn't there another step where you use the garden hose to flush out the sewer hose with clean water? I have seen attachments that you connect to it for cleaning the hose. What about those after market elbows that have a connection for a garden hose that jets water back into the black tank to flush it out as well?

  10. ChuckyG4 says:

    Bad advice on leaving any valves open while hooked up. RVs don’t have P traps to stop sewer gases from entering the RV. Especially if you use your bathroom exhaust fan. This slight negative pressure will suck sewer gases directly in thru sinks and showers drains.

  11. RVersity says:

    Great walk through. This was such a crap shoot the first time I did it. Although it is easier to do on my travel trailer than it is on my sprinter van. The angle is so low on my van I need leveling devices to help . Small unit big problems lol.

  12. Tim List says:

    would you do a black tank rinse? either with a wand in the toilet or with an external connection to the black tank?

  13. Mark Hansen says:

    We try hard not to do number two in the RV. Yes, it’s inevitable at times, but almost all parks have toilets.

  14. c jm says:

    build up is good in both tanks before dumping. Main thing is keeping sensors wet and clean not dry even though your full hook up your routine should be to let both fill to max and how ever often it is go out and pull your gate valves rinse and repeat….

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