How to Check Propane Level Without a Gauge!


If your propane tank has no gauge, it can be frustrating to run out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner. Here’s a simple trick for knowing the level in your …


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21 Responses to “How to Check Propane Level Without a Gauge!”

  1. Rob Is says:

    Hi Is there a vid on pros/cons of all electric vs propane heated DPs? Thanks!

  2. GR33N L1GHT says:

    I can’t see how this is a good way to check. No matter what the top is going to be hotter. The water is cooling by the time it gets near the bottom especially if the tank is already cold.

  3. prince151ful says:

    Thank you so much that's the best tip. I tried it & I was so amazed not because it worked, but more because I am always on my grill, &I went and brought a gage & this costed me nothing, but a big cup of hot water. Thank you again.

  4. Vaspar ___ says:

    my LP tank is leaking around the threads of the gauge. I tried to remove the gauge and the float fell off inside the tank. Do you know where I can get a replacement? I assume that I need to remove the tank and set it on the side to install the new gauge so it hangs down and doesn't catch on the tank when screwing in. I have a Manchester 29.3 gal. tank.

  5. elecdrum says:

    Thank you for this awesome tip!

  6. Thank you for the fast, easy, no cost tip. I can take purchasing a gauge off the to do road trip prep list.

  7. Siuea Langi says:

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Thanks very much. Wanted to know how to check my BBQ tank and this is an awesome way to do it. Tried it out and I am off to get it filled before I run out in the middle of cooking tomorrow night.

  9. πŸ‘πŸΌ awesome!! Thank you sir!

  10. sarah deason says:

    Excellent tutorial / Thank You !

  11. VGMurders says:

    Cool trick. Not sure my neighbor below will appreciate the water on their patio though.

  12. ProudVOLSfan says:

    damn.. world is full of smart people

  13. John Allen says:

    Great info! RVing in NC …45 degree days … don't want to run out of propane … need to keep the furnace going! Thanks!!

  14. This is awesome. Thanks!

  15. Inga A says:

    This saved me from a deliver fee at my house when I didn't need a delivery (because I was half full.) Thank you!

  16. mine frosted on the outside last weekend on a cold night. can I judge by that? gauge waa near the low mark but frost was about 3/4 full

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