How Much Does It Cost To Thru Hike? – Ask A Thru Hiker


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41 Responses to “How Much Does It Cost To Thru Hike? – Ask A Thru Hiker”

  1. MrClahn says:

    Would you mind touching on how you managed to fund thru hikes several years in a row? And are you still planning on doing a rain gear layering video?

  2. SmackNC says:

    You rock! Thank you for the $$ tips.

  3. HikingWithMS says:

    Thanks for sharing Joe! Very helpful, as always!

  4. raybin says:

    do you use map and compass or a gps in your thru hikes?

  5. Omorgan66 says:

    Thanks Joe. I watched your videos when you hikes and I'm glad you're doing these follow up videos. They are very helpful. I'm in some discussion groups where people are concerned about not having money for the hike and others tell them to just go hike, "The trail provides". Food, gear, and other supplies dont just appear out of nowhere. Sending people out on the trail without reasonable expectations of what it entails isn't helpful for them, other hikers or the trail angels. Hope to see you out on the trail sometime.

  6. Great video, man. Thanks for putting this together.

  7. hi , I have a question for you , that you recommend for a sleeping bag , the better the feather or synthetic , marking , and because RECOMMEND

  8. TheXCcrow says:

    can you do a video about tarp camping and site selection.

  9. How did u manage $40 for 5 days of food on the PCT?

  10. Brewer, your videos are great! I was wondering if you could cover what you eat/meals on the trail.

  11. Shane Smith says:

    Joe, thanx for this video, good information and it helps to get a good idea about the costs, thanx!

  12. Starke667 says:

    Or, "How Rich Pple Hike"

  13. rtydingco says:

    Starting the Colorado Trail on June 1st. My First Thru Hike !!

  14. That is a good number.just doesn't fit my style I tend to platinum blaze. I've seen people on the Pct with practically 0 money but they where miserable.i think I spent 10000 on the Pct but that was because the Damn towns and I like beer! Also last year we had a lot of fire closers.on the At it was around $6000 tho.Joe you also forgot health insurance and there is a difference when you buy food as you go or pay postage.Me personally always try to find a dollar store.for the people just starting I can tell you this your life WILL BE changed forever and the hardest thing about thru hiking is letting go and taking that first step.Also never over plan just hyoh.

  15. Great info. How many towns were you able to resupply without lodging on the PCT? Like an average. Did you stealth camp in these examples or were you able to get back on trail?
    I know you had videos to edit so I'm sure this affected things for you.

  16. Krin Bouch says:

    One word: aliexpress

  17. Hey Joe,its been great.Can you do something on the stride.Prob sounds crazy but I'm sure it's something you have refined over time.And I always thought you had a great attitude/philosophy to the trail.The sheer scale of the country is something different to what we have here in NZ.

  18. Alfredo Oroz says:

    Did you buy all of your re-supplies on trail or did you send yourself some boxes, where did you send your boxes too.

  19. You had the equation right the first time. 180 * (40/5) = 1440.

  20. Arduous Ant says:

    Great video mate, im subbed and I hope you get a chance to check out my channel and mabey sub back if you like what you see, Cheers and keep up the good work! 😀

  21. What, in your opinion, is the best state to live in in the United States and why? The reason I ask is cause based on your hiking experience you've been to a majority of the states and just about every region. West Coast, PNW, Desert SW, Rockies, SE, Mid Atlantic and NE. I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on the topic. Thanks.

  22. well, that leaves me out…cant do it on walmart paycheck. lol

  23. sylos krug says:

    I have camped/hike for 5 months with 1200$.how did this guy end up in 6000$

  24. Total Taco says:

    28 X 24 is 672 that's the point where I stopped watching your video

  25. azaz z says:

    where did you get those maps on the wall from?

  26. "$40 for 5 days" – I have some questions…. [1] What is that in terms of calories per day? [2] remember to add getting to and from the terminus… airfare or bus fare, Uber etc… [3] my biggest issue…. considering (1) I do not think you can get enough calories for just under $9/day. Unless heavily discounted Mountainhouse is about $7 per meal, Ramen is about $2, fresher produce like bread, peanut butter, nutella, apples, trail mix, candy jerky about $1.5 per serving and so on… [4] You've neglected fuel costs. [5] in (3) I question food but you also need electrolytes at $1/day and vitamins??? [6] tips when they apply. [7] I sense you're a purist so probably no alcohol bu that's an expense in itself.

    My estimate without actually being on trail and just planning my 4 day section hike suggests closer to $15 per day.


    I was watching this presentation. This guy is awesome.. In the clip/link above he talks about calories. We talked about that once thought you'd like it.

  28. Sharon Marks says:

    I know that the AT, CDT and PCT all run in a North/South direction. are there any hiking trails that go from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast?

  29. This is super sweet! I've always wanted to do a thru hike maybe now I can get some information to get my shit together

  30. Jacob Baynes says:

    Hi Joe I need some advice on choosing a thru hike. 3 other friends and I are planning on attempting one in 2018. We've wanted to do a thru hike for a very long time and I'm not sure which trail to do. For some background i've day hiked on the PCT (california/oregon border) and CDT(Glacier NP) and spent 3 nights on the AT(smoky mountains) and loved all three. I have experience doing extended 3 week backpacking trips and love it so I know it's for me. The triple crown would be the dream but from a practicality stand point I don't know if I'll ever have 3 seasons free to do all of them. I like the idea of the AT because it is iconic, has rich history, and apparently the best social scene. I like the idea of the CDT because of the small number of people that attempt a thru hike (I don't like crowds) and the rugged character of the trail. I like the idea of the PCT because from what I understand it is sort of a middle ground between isolation and sociality plus the diversity of the trail. So if you could only do one which one would it be and why? I know the question is subjective but I think it will influence some of my decision making. Thank You!!!

  31. I have a kelty 2 person tent but it weighs about 4 pounds, should I keep it for a thru hike or upgrade to a ligther tent?

  32. Russ Cherry says:

    my son is flip floping 2017, (heading north from Virginia in june) what's best way to leave Katadyn and get back to Virginia for 2nd half of hike? cost?

  33. Clara jane says:

    I have that same exact AT map!!

  34. Also remember to include lost income. If you 5 month on the trails you loose 5 month of income. That number can range from 0 to alot.

  35. Keith Curry says:

    your forgot the weed budget

  36. tip:don't have a stuff nose when making a video it's annoying to listen to

  37. Sande K says:

    You know that there is no L in COST, right?

  38. Brian McAfee says:

    I figured $1k per per 1k miles on a cheap budget. I'm not calculating shoes or if u bring camera gear. No Family! No GoPro! Cheap!

  39. you need to add two more things: 1. the money you'd have to pay back mama who paid your rent while you were hiking, and 2. the money you would've made but you didn't because you did not work those months. Why do folks who make vids trying to make money out of them pretend to be from planet mars?!?!

  40. deh175 says:

    The real question is, what do you thru hikers do for a living? Are you all school teachers or what? This is with the understanding that teachers have a ton of time off yearly (yet still bitch about their salaries and time off)

  41. 2:55 for a moment I thought these are my arms.

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