How do you get to the Appalachian Trail from Atlanta – AT 2020


Directions for getting to the Appalachian Trail (Amicalola or Springer) 2020. So for all of those AT 2020 thru hikers coming to Atlanta that are unsure about …


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7 Responses to “How do you get to the Appalachian Trail from Atlanta – AT 2020”

  1. Great job and video. Wow it must have taken you a long time to produce this!!! Thanks for going to al the trouble you went to!!! I know people who need to fly in are greatly appreciate this. I have not seen anyone do a video on this!!!

  2. Awesome video man! Very informative

  3. Seth Janisse says:

    Thanks! Great info!

  4. Joe Blatch says:

    Very useful for those coming from overseas – greatly appreciated.

  5. my God! you come down from the sky yourself !!! I leave on February 15 for AT and I come from Quebec and I find your video very interesting for me who comes from far! your video go directly into my favorite videos and I will watch at least 100 times! thank you very much! what date do you leave? Merci mon ami et à bientôt 🌲🌲🌲🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  6. Add this to my 2020 thru hike collection

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