Hiking Yahoo Falls in McCreary County, Kentucky


A very short hike to the spectacular Yahoo Falls, Kentucky’s highest waterfall with a 113 foot drop. The falls, found along Yahoo Creek, is located in the Yahoo Falls Scenic Area, a part of…


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25 Responses to “Hiking Yahoo Falls in McCreary County, Kentucky”

  1. LOL-love the end with the camera in the fall-wasn't expecting that !! Have really enjoyed these videos, although I am in Kentucky, have never been to this area of the state !!

  2. Okay you made me nervous leaning the camera out that much LOL great shot of the falls though

  3. go hike google falls, although i sometimes use that yahoo search engine …he he he…

  4. startrek says:

    They need to name one google creek now.lol.I know,that was bad.Really bad

  5. whatnot987 says:

    Sweet falls, great view from the top too. You looked like a dot compared to the size of the rock face at the base of the falls–it really put it in perspective. Definitely a place that I want to check out. You know Im a fan of anything that's the tallest, deepest etc etc. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Woodenarrows says:

    Nice place.  Yahoo Falls is taller but it reminds me of Ash Cave at Hocking Hills SP in in southern Ohio.  Here's my late winter/early spring visit, March of 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj7tzT_CYVM

  7. WOW!!!! great video and place, I will have to tell Mark to put it on our GO TO list. We will be hiking in KY soon. Great shot hanging the camera out, awesome.

  8. NEKCanoeist says:

    Wow that was great. At first the magnitude of the falls didn't seem large. Then the lower shots really showed. 113 ft is quite a drop. I imagine after a good down poor the fall get quite intense. Thanks for sharing! Cheers Paul

  9. nice water fall SNR was just here thinking after see your video about the local water fall around here and right off hand i can't think of any you can walk behind like yahoo falls and looking up the falls with the camera was cool

  10. renemanjr123 says:

    I would like to see it after a good rain

  11. Good Lord! I didn't realize it was that huge until you walked under the rock.

  12. Nice trip to the Falls, thanks

  13. Beautiful trek my friend.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Sleeves says:

    Spectacular view of the falls from the top of the bluff. Great camera work. I appreciate the perspective of your walk behind the falls. Very impressive falls. Wonderful area. Thanks for sharing. Keep hiking!

  15. Ethan hogue says:

    I love Kentucky the smell and the hills and the mountains

  16. Lucky Charm says:

    my family Mccreary county ky    also mine 18  is great aswell its down the road      and yes hocking hills ohio is great aswell

  17. Ole Yahoo Falls, I used to run around down there, lived about 4 miles from it in the early 70's for a couple years only been to the falls twice when I was around 8 or 9 years old, still go down and see family down there but have not when down to the falls since, thanks for the reminder how nice it is, enjoyed the tour, now I may just have to give it a hike some time soon. Thanks Again, Take Care!

  18. Racer 1999 says:

    I go there just about every day I love it

  19. John Webb says:

    Is there any fish in this creek? Good fishing ??

  20. Thank you for this video, my husband and I can no longer hike and this allowed me to see the falls. We are staying near Crossville,Tn and sight seeing the area.

  21. Thanks for sharing. You also did a GR8 job editing your video. My husband and I will hike this trail sometime this fall.

  22. Such a beautiful place.

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