HIKING TO HAVASU FALLS + THE HAVASUPAI TRAIL | Exploring Havasupai Vlog – Part 1


Join me on a full day hike to Havasu Falls! Part 2: My full guide to hiking Havasupai: …


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46 Responses to “HIKING TO HAVASU FALLS + THE HAVASUPAI TRAIL | Exploring Havasupai Vlog – Part 1”

  1. We met this couple, some years ago while hiking the A.T. (Appalachian Trail) that thought the little packet inside their freeze dried food was seasoning and added it to their food. We were like noooooo, don't do that again! hahaha… Great vLog and looking forward to the follow up. Cheers!  ~Ron & Petra

  2. On our bucket list! Hopefully we can go there this year! Love your video

  3. Tony Turner says:

    A super vlog, Jodie. Your smiling face and lovely voice make these dismal winter days in the UK so much better. Look forward to your next one. Thank you.

  4. The scenery looks beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice, enjoyable hike to the falls!

  5. Bill Hiskett says:

    Getting better each time Jodie.

  6. Really enjoying your content Jodie. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

  7. Good job Jody. Love it 😍

  8. Kaz Lamont says:

    I hope Brendan told you that the falls are the same colour as your beautiful blue eyes! Kudos to you for getting there with those blisters!

  9. david nassur says:

    Always nice to see your take on when you two travel together!

  10. Great video that place looks amazing tip: For you compeed blister plasters I swear by them

  11. Brian Lackey says:

    Awesome seeing the same hike from both of your points of view! It sounds like we'll miss you at the Vail meetup?

  12. Just a tip for the blisters….I started with boots but didn't like them! Next time try hiking shoes! Lighter weight and more comfy!

  13. allan sisson says:

    Check into hiking with a 2 sock system, prevents blisters. Especially following a photographer, we will go anywhere. hahaha Beautiful place, great job.

  14. Bookman says:

    As blue as your eyes Jodie… btw nice singing!

  15. Quang B says:

    OMG! My friends and I hiked that trail back in 1992! We were too poor for the horse ride and especially the helicopter flight back then. I remembered swimming in the fall by the campsite! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  16. Will Y says:

    Awesome video, like how you present yourself, really down to earth!!! I also like how Brendan's videos intertwines with yours

  17. Brendan is like me "Eeyore" as my job is to carry everything. Nice video.

  18. Wow…it's soo beautiful!

  19. Looks like it’s amazing! I’m going in September ☺️

  20. Amazing video! It's free go all the way in the Havasu falls? You can go and just take a place in the campground? I want go there next August 🙂

  21. Thank you very much for this beautiful video
    Please tell me if you booked once on site or did you succeed by phone? because we have been trying for months without success and we have to go in June. In addition, their new site, which can be booked from February 1st, was already complete on February 1st until December. Which is technically impossible in a few hours …
    I think to book by letter and explain my case. I think trying …
    Tell me if you have met people who have booked once there please without having succeeded by phone …. Thank you

  22. Andre Matos says:

    Thanks for the video, your video was very helpful.  im going there in 11 days. One question, What time of the year was that?  Im not really sure what to expect with the weather beginning of march (First week)

  23. Maty says:

    Do you have to stay the night over? Or can you came back the same day?

  24. Jack Mehoff says:

    damn what kind of tent was that??? it looks huge inside there

  25. MagicVova says:

    Awesome vlog. Havasu falls look amazing!

  26. Great Video! It really helped us to decide to go there or not. Because of health issues will be impossible to walk this much. Im really glad I saw your video! Thank you for sharing!

  27. This is one of our stops for our new show! Stoked to go

  28. ShadowSlayer says:

    What hiking shoes do you wear?’

  29. Bad Xerge says:

    Dehydrated fajitas, just like my abuelita used to make.

  30. Hi sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!

  31. Did you cross any water crossing on the 8 mile hike to camp?

  32. pleasant voice. great photography, awesome information

  33. I love your hat:) awesome video!

  34. why._.music says:

    what time of year did you go and did you have reservations

  35. If you don't mind me asking, what camera and lens did you use to take these pictures with? Thanks in advance.

  36. Hi guys! Good video! 👍👍 is it possible to use bicycle so you can save a lot of time going there?

  37. lumnir says:

    Did u have to make a reservation for this? It looks like you went around January or February(colder) so probably not, But in general during the warmer seasons is a Reservation required?

  38. Diana Brown says:

    love this channel, you guys are so cute! DM me if you are ever road tripping in the US again 🙂

  39. If I do plan a trip at the end of December, would I still need a permit? I see that online it says that its close. Lastly, do you think this hike is doable in one day? Thanks in advance.

  40. What month did you do your trip? I’m noticing your heavier outerwear at night.

  41. Wow, your eyes are the same color as that water! Really pretty

  42. He looks like prince William

  43. Girl you look like Emily Blunt and you got the accent

  44. Jose Cruz says:


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