Hiking Tips #7 and 8#


This is just a couple of super easy hiking tips for what to consider when deciding where to place your tent or shelter for the night. It talks about using the military …


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6 Responses to “Hiking Tips #7 and 8#”

  1. Great tip on establishing collapse zone perimeter using your arm. Always solid always concise. Thanks for sharing !

  2. John Lord says:

    Do a Ron Hood fire in the rocks before going to bed. Dig out fire bed pit, light up and burn down. Cover over coals with heaping pile of sand, and have irradiated heat from the wind-break rocks, as well as a ground-heated coals keeping you all toasty hot.

    Good idea about the deadfall zone. Never know when they will fall, let alone in the (un-)suspected zone of fall, and any other snapped off limbs flying and trunk bouncing around afterward.

  3. Fence Walker says:

    I think you said you served in the USAF. If so what was you AFSC.

  4. rubadux says:

    Good, useful tips! Thanks!

  5. OldPackMule says:

    Excellent tips. Thanks.

  6. Russell says:

    How would you keep rainwater from running down the rocks into your site?

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