Hiking The Nakasendo Way (Japan Travel Vlog)


Hiking Old Nakasendo Way from Nakatsugawa to Nagiso ▽Click here for more cancerous Japan vlogs ▽ Facebook …


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26 Responses to “Hiking The Nakasendo Way (Japan Travel Vlog)”

  1. umut says:


  2. This will be the last original content upload on this channel. I will only focus for my main channel in the future so make sure to subscribe there as well!: https://www.youtube.com/user/MairouTV

    But you should not be unsubscribing from this channel, because I will upload behind the scenes material and possibly some other different kind of stuff in the future!

  3. Suu says:

    You went to Japan? What a weeb KappaWeeb

  4. Always chasing the pussy

  5. Ep says:

    did you see goku?

  6. Jorge says:

    After that, Mairou got sexually abused by perverted bears on the train and his body was thrown down that Nagiso mountain thingy. The bears tragically took posession of his phone and other tech, and are now in control of his youtube channels and snapchat.

    Hello japanese bears o/

  7. Beyza Canbek says:

    KAWAII CAT perfect zooming in skills, beautiful video

  8. Rei Die says:

    nice nice
    daisuki mariou, keep up the good work

  9. Untermensch. says:

    Searching for some hot grills?

  10. Mairou, you should have bought cauffii, instead of gwiin tii

  11. Good to see a video that was not shot whit a potato and looks like leaked footage of Area 51 whit real aliens in it

  12. PsyNova says:

    you're live in finland?

  13. SifuCoobs says:

    Hey! I saw that you're interested in CTR, I literally just uploaded all my records today and want some other CTR players to chat with about the levels, techniques, sharing their times, etc. Come over if you like! 🙂

  14. A Sanz says:

    RIP means Rest In Peace. So RIP in peace means Rest In Peace In Peace.

  15. It means rest in piece. Not rip in piece

  16. I’ve seen so much of Tokyo, but I wanted to see something rural.. thank you…. I mean… arigato !

  17. 2:56-> Zooms camera Wending Machines!

  18. Ekoy's World says:

    I like how the way you show the way..

  19. Xyluss Nelms says:

    Welcome to the rice fields mother fucker!

  20. iLordville says:

    Am I the only one that hears Stephen Hawking's computer voice. No offense. But he could've been the voice in the recordings.

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