Hiking the Huayna Picchu Stairs of Death (Wayna Picchu) in Peru – Bucket List Adventure


Hiking the Huayna Picchu Stairs of Death (Wayna Picchu) in Peru – Bucket List Adventure SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE This is one of the best …


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23 Responses to “Hiking the Huayna Picchu Stairs of Death (Wayna Picchu) in Peru – Bucket List Adventure”

  1. quiere ser mas protagonista ella que el maravilloso lugar que visita……?

  2. Daniel Davis says:

    Impressive. If one of the options is 7AM do you have to get up extra early?

  3. MtB ArN says:

    Beautiful ass, sorry, can't help myself!

  4. I took my mom (63yo) here without telling her where we were going. It was wonderful seeing her challenge her fears. She made it to the top with fear and when we started going down we couldn't stop the tears of happiness, of humbleness, of knowing that she defeated her fears to heights.

    It is a magical place full of wonderful energy. I don't believe in anything, but being Colombian I feel a deep connection with this mountains and all their believings because they are very very similar to the ones we had here. Thank you Peru, your country is marevelous and you Peruvians are very warm and welcomey. Thanks!!!!

  5. You are the best ,,, congratulations , brave girl ! Odin Blessed you soul ….

  6. I'm glad the clouds ended up clearing for at least a little bit!

  7. Here Be Barr says:

    I was so mad that I couldn't get tickets to do this last January 🙁 Looked amazing.

  8. BertoJr5 says:

    Awesome video! If you don't mind me asking what time did you go? I will be hiking Machu Picchu at the end of June and early July of this year. Thanks!

  9. nice video can you hike macchu picchu and huayna picchu at the same day?

  10. I have a terrible fear of heights, but am going with my husband and friends this month and would like to try it. If I cop out on the way up, is there any place where I can hang out and wait for them? I know – I'm a wimp!

  11. I would hardly breathe with such an ass in front of my eyes

  12. So it is real. I thought Machu Picchu was a computer generated city on top of a mountain like the Lord Of The Ring kind.
    I was wondering why a city on top of a mountain? And stairs in the middle of the mountain?

  13. Зачетный попец!!!

  14. courtafi says:

    This is at the top of my bucket list! Thank you so much for the amazing video!

  15. das castro says:

    exelente beautiful

  16. tommyt1971 says:

    Went to MP a few yrs ago & the path our tour guide led us along on the west side was really scary in some spots. We didn't do Huayna but there were a few parts where the steps sat on a sheer precipice. Still worth every step!

  17. I did that climb 4 years ago! The most amazing experience of my life!

  18. 426 Biggie says:

    hopefully you sucked you're boyfriend off at the top?

  19. Karen W says:

    Did it by myself, loved it. Try Kilimanjaro. Not technical, but pushing 20,000 feet and a wonderful experience.

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