Hiking On Tryfan – Lost and Found in Snowdonia


Hiking On Tryfan – Lost and Found in Snowdonia. Having just completed Snowdon, Summit or Nothing’s Nath and Trev have enough time to squeeze one more …


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18 Responses to “Hiking On Tryfan – Lost and Found in Snowdonia”

  1. waz outdoors says:

    whats the book you got , at the beginning

  2. Neil Rees says:

    Nice video guys, really enjoyed it.
    me and a friend recently climbed Tryfan in the snow but we went up the north face route highly recommend it 🙂

  3. great stuff lads,really enjoyed that,persevered and got your summit,just goes to show though how easy it can be to lose you way,you nearly ended up on the Glyders,which is a great walk in itself,all the best for your next trips

  4. Really loved this vid. Great soundtrack. It really matched the mood. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So glad the weather cleared for you, would have been devastating to have put all that hard work in and not benefited from those breath taking views! Climbed it the day after Boxing Day and it was sheet ice at the summit so we have Adam and Eve and miss this time!

  6. Steve Smith says:

    Really enjoyed your Tryfan trek and enjoying your channel in general.  Kind of a Misty Mountain Hop at the summit there from Nath! Keep up the great work guys.

  7. I climbed Tryfan in my 20's (now mid 70's) with a group which split up leaving me and one other. Climbed high all in mist and thought we were in serious danger at one point. Not so well equipped as yourselves but knew we'd climbed in a circle when I passed the same flattened tube of condensed milk for the second time. It was great to watch your experience and I understand totally your effort and emotions. Well done you reached Adam and Eve – I didn't get to see them. Best bit for me in the 60's was the walk along the road after the climb to the pub (a few miles) to meet the group – thought of nothing other than a pint of shandy. Thanks for this it brought back happy times. WELL done both of you. Your pictures were true to my experience. Those who haven't done it won't get it! Jackie, Glasgow

  8. alan roberts says:

    Well done lads. ffs

  9. This is what I watch youtube for, great honest videos . Good work guys I really enjoyed that.

  10. Good vid guys. Tryfan was my first mountain scramble, did the north face and being scared of heights found it terrifying and awesome at the same time. The Ogwen Valley is my favourite walking place.

  11. Hawkeye says:

    I love your YouTube videos I’ve recently been to snowdon and tryfan in the last month and failed 2 summit both of them 🙁 lots of snow and ice at the moment so we shall return 🙂

  12. Enjoyed his video? Then why not check out our climb up Scafell Pike/ Ling Mell hike – https://youtu.be/ohATO9OtLoU or the time we climbed THE OLD MAN OF CONISTON- https://youtu.be/CV2Ufp2CWy4 or our very first mountain hike up SNOWDON https://youtu.be/vffCgKTrzc0 ?

  13. James Crook says:

    Hi guys Tryfan is on my "to do" this year I nearly attempted to hack her on the horseshoe but after walking up Y Garn I cut my losses and decided to do it 2 parts, I have posted my video on it if it interests you, I'm doing Snowdon on my birthday on the 6th of July so wish me luck, I really should be happy with a cake for my 50th 😂 not a bloody hike 😂
    Great film, appreciated the genuine humanity regards James

  14. Fantastic vid guys – really enjoyed it. Did a similar route just recently – great mountain 👍

  15. Richie Dean says:

    Well done lads. There are 14 peaks over 3000ft in Snowdonia.' Backpacking in Wales' by Showell Styles is a fantastic book if you can find a copy.

  16. Caenloch says:

    If only you’d of seen the view from adam an eve without the fog ✊🏻

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