Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA in 4K (Ultra HD)


Long day hike to the top of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, with outstanding views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Half Dome, Yosemite Valley and the High …


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49 Responses to “Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA in 4K (Ultra HD)”

  1. Régis Alves says:

    GTA V Mount Chiliad climb?

  2. Stacy Blunt says:

    beautiful that's all I have to say

  3. how did u get that shot at 1:38, 1:42 & 6:16..great video i wish every video was as HD as yours

  4. JUSTIN HOUSE says:

    APOP: your videos (and fitting scores/soundtracks) just get better and better. Yosemite is a huge MUST DO for me. I live in London UK and lived in Venice Beach for several years back in 2000-2003.. regret not seeing Yosemite and taking the PCH there. Your incredible filming confirms what I must do!.. I'm gonna work my way through all of your videos. THANK YOU for making them.

  5. Very nice. I now that at 57 and being pretty out of shape I'm never going to be able to do that so thanks for the look see. I have been to Yosemite many times but never really did much hiking and if I did it was in the valley and not much climbing. Great video I will check out your others. Jim from Sacramento.

  6. UFO314159 says:

    Mr. Kitchovitch, this is the most dangerous video you have made yet.

  7. Super Moto says:

    Cara … isso é de tirar o fôlego !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Agha Arif says:

    beautifull and amazing place…….

  9. A Nony Mouse says:

    That is incredible! The almost vertical slope (are the people harnessed or secured to the metal cables?) and the sheer scale of the ant size people to the massive mountain valley is incredible.

  10. I climbed Hal Dome in 2001, that was a great hike, I loved it !!!!

  11. Marc Jobin says:

    Wow and wow! Amazing video!

  12. @tokenboy Yea,but so is everywhere else in the world

  13. Kev H says:

    Yeeeah, this vid deserves a thumbs up. Yeeeah.

  14. ارض دحابشة زلط ملط لواط

  15. 2:02 I dont get it…. the sky is up so are the trees growing sideways?

  16. John Coombes says:

    I would have thought that the objective was nature in the raw. Why the irritating 'music'? The falls were beautiful but where was the roar of the water….etc. Weird.

  17. tmwst says:

    what psychiatrist says about these risk taking people… my balls starts jumping even just watching them on youtube….

  18. Tony Harris says:

    I slept on half dome overnight as a teenager with my brother and two of his friends… Had a sleeping bag but no pillow…. Thankfully someone had piled large stones in circles that we used to shelter from the wind.. They even left a nice "pillow rock" I used… Good times With Paul, Pat And Raphael. Hardest but best parts of the hike which we started from the valley was what we called little Italy, the seemingly endless rocky switchbacks just before the cable climb, and the last part, Cable climb to the top! We were dying for sure but it is a memory of a lifetime! Amazing views looking off down to the valley below. Flashing the light to the valley below signalling my brothers girlfriend that we made it! Makes me want to bring my motorcycle there this Summer and ride into the valley, maybe camp at sunnyside…

  19. ultrakool says:

    needs an escalator^^
    yeah, it could be powered by vernal falls. drought? looks like you're walking…

  20. Tony sterl says:

    Kad je park odnosno stijena otvorena za planinarenje(hiking) ..hvala na postavci videa! 🙂
    When the park or rock open for hiking (hiking) ..Thx for sharing the video and set-up!

  21. phishinfool says:

    Did it at night solo got to top at sun up no permit[ not a good plan] but had to go! crazy to hike at night up and back in one day 18hours round trip !Better to do it at night its colder and no ones on the trail .Being solo at night is crazy but peaceful !If you go make shore you have good set of hikeing poles it is vary nice to have on the way down! Beshore you have water to I did not have enough ! good video bro ! and happy hikeing

  22. I have hiked the Half Dome Trail twice, climbed El Capitan, The Rostrum, Royal Arches, etc. I haven't been to Yosemite in years and miss it so bad. This video was super well done and made me feel like I was there again!!! Excellent Job!!!

  23. Larry Denger says:

    For a guy who has done this trail at least a half dozen times, this work is one of the best and most beautiful I have ever seen. BRAVO!

  24. El lobo alfa says:

    This place is bless by GOD..

  25. Your videos are the way and the light! Thank you so much for helping to justify my Samsung 65 8500. Absolutely stunning and best of all, remote and off the beaten path.

  26. Mael Sef says:

    This is a major composition of works. I think there is a great piece work here. The high mountain passes, tip tops and cliff hanging bits are actually quite remarkable.

  27. Jason Long says:

    I've climbed this six times…twice without the railings and boards…just using the cable…it's such a great time..I love Yosemite.

  28. Oi Amazing, me diga, esse lindo parque fica na Califórnia não é? Tem umas cachoeiras lindas e árvores imensas também. Esse lugar é divino. obrigado Amazing.

  29. 7080 son says:

    IT's so fear !!!! Just to look at the height, I'm so~~~~~~fear !! What a beautiful !!

  30. Hat off lab says:

    Great video with stunning views!

  31. jmanr78 says:

    Amazing video thank you for sharing it.. I love Yosemite and Half dome is one of the hikes I want to do..

  32. I can only imagine some of the …uh…less than athletic, individuals who attempt to hike Half Dome just to get part way and run outta steam,lol. Bet it happens daily.

  33. Smart Cow says:

    I want to live in yosemite

  34. Ailingmimz says:


  35. Utterly pretentious.  Some of the most annoying music I have ever heard juxtaposed to so-so video imagery.   Where was the shot of the pile of discarded gloves at the base of the cables and the solar outhouses along the trail?

  36. johnwwhite2 says:

    The most beautiful place I've been to – oh to have been John Muir!  Stunning photography and production – bravo!

  37. Abbas Anwar says:

    Beautiful video more the one million views but sad very less likes.

  38. Gojko G says:

    Beautiful nature + excellent work = Fantastic video!
    Преееееееееееелепо !!!

  39. cgrscott says:

    Enjoy the wildness of Yosemite.

  40. I hiked up the Nevada and Vernal Falls last Fall.  Once on top, I saw that the Half Dome hike was only 4.5 miles, so I went onward.  I did turn around on the granite steps of the sub dome, due to leg fatigue and fear of heights. I did 20 miles that day walking back to the trailhead.  Your video captures the essence of being there.

  41. amazing nature.. I'm so excited to go on my trip .my no.1 bucket list adventure ..

  42. osman akman says:

    Perfect shooting ! 4 K also perfect. There is no advertise. Thank you!

  43. Manoj Mane says:

    superb …awesome….mesmerizing…majestic…

  44. Phuong Bui says:

    Been here and love it ! Thank you ✌️??

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