HIKING GEAR : Lowepro Photo Sport 30L AW (Full Video)


Check out part one as I break down the Lowepro Photo Sport 30L


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3 Responses to “HIKING GEAR : Lowepro Photo Sport 30L AW (Full Video)”

  1. Why do you have a Photo Backpack without a camera? It´s a better choice to get a proper hikingpack if you´re just hiking….

  2. bennyayaya says:

    Thanks for the vid. Were you able to carry this onto a flight? Also, is there a way to lock the bag up (especially the camera section)?

  3. Great video and fantastic ideas on how this backpack can also be used! I have some questions though. According to your experience, do you think that the Rover Pro 35l is a better choice to carry your tripod and all that stuff that you packed into the Photo Sport 30l? Also, do you carry your tripod attached to any of your backpacks like this one, the photo sport 30l, when you carry the bag onto a flight? I mean, do they allow tripods attached on backpacks and how this thing affects the choice and the size of the backpack that you wish to carry with you?

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