Highlights of British Columbia, Canada


See some of BC’s most scenic locations from the air. From the alpine to the beach, and the lakes, rivers and valleys in between, the BC landscape is stunning.


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24 Responses to “Highlights of British Columbia, Canada”

  1. shipmaker14 says:

    Where's the last scene? So purdy.It's funny/sad that I am watching this video because it was shared by a Syrian refugee that I have gotten to know that wants to move to BC, whereas I have grown up here and totally take its beauty and safety for granted. It really puts it in perspective.

  2. N64kidg says:

    There is no way to find out what song this is, is there?

  3. Tom Laughlin says:

    Haven't been out there in three years!! Coming back this summer for another fix, taking my time this time though, no three day rush!

  4. Thurka says:

    My heart just exploded.

  5. Bar Akshuta says:

    I must go there!! Wow, it's paradise..

  6. Jyhhc says:

    wow thankyou for your uploading

  7. See ten thousand family friendly pics of Vancouver British Columbia \smu.gs/2hrRVDx A road trip across the Rocky mountains \smu.gs/2yG5i9S Enjoy the views and this pretty country

  8. I’ve always fought British Columbia was an overseas Territory but who would of knew its part of Canada 🇬🇧❤️🇨🇦

  9. Ever Apollo says:

    What hiking trail is shown in the first scene? I've been searching for days with no luck

  10. This is absolutely stunning! So incredibly blessed to call this beautiful place home 🙏🏼

  11. pretty i used this for my project it is amazing

  12. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful 🙂

  13. Nice video. I hope in the future you do not take drone footage of bears though. We are doing enough to encroach on their habitat.

  14. J.W. Cover says:

    Could anybody list out all the places 's name ?

  15. Beautiful British Columbia.

  16. anas cheema says:

    BC is best for outdoors and hiking. Is there a direct flight between salt spring island and tofino (

  17. VolumeImpact says:

    Our license plates say it all

  18. Shhhhhhhhhh….you her that…whaaaaaat😶😕😕😕….that peace and quietness

  19. god keep this grace to all the mankind
    iraqi one love canada

  20. 1963huong says:

    Love Beautiful British Columbia. God blessed me here

  21. Ian moving there in a year. Have purchased land in remote area.looking forward to living out my life in peace. No more war for me.

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