Hershey RV Show 2019: Winnebago Towables + Minitini 2.0


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39 Responses to “Hershey RV Show 2019: Winnebago Towables + Minitini 2.0”

  1. Bob Tacelli says:

    Hi Robert! Thank you for the video, we almost forgot it was this week! We are coming down Friday, are you still going to be there? My wife and I have been following your videos for over 2 years and would love just to say hi to the guy that has inspired so many journeys for us!

  2. Rob LaMont says:

    Frozen pizza not good for you

  3. Rob LaMont says:

    A Cuban sandwich would be nice

  4. Dee Lux says:

    If you got the micro minnie and had a larger awning added to it – one that would extend down and over the window, you could have the window open when it is raining. Maybe you could install your own small awning to cover just that window. I love the way it was raised so much higher and the steps looked like they were much sturdier and better quality to enter the trailer. Can't wait to hear what the price is on that Micro Minnie. Great quick tour, Robert! Thank you!

  5. John P says:

    Nice tours. Great meeting you on Sunday!

  6. Walt Nelson says:

    First, some of your fans want to see a camper designed by Travelling Robert! Second, gluten free diet may reduce the incidence of words escaping you. Great video!

  7. Since the trailer has no drive train it doesn’t matter what kind of tread on the tires

  8. What is the max length trailer are you looking for? It seems like the trailers you show are short. I have a 26' Coachman Freedom Express 246RKS and it is perfect for the camping I do.

  9. JP JP says:

    Have you looked at the micro mini with the small slide and Murphy bed? They seem much roomier.

  10. Michele K. says:

    You invite Robert over to your house and he opens all of the closets lol

  11. Alex Timblin says:

    Pretty cool certain things compared to your Winnebago. Minitini doesn’t have the option for suspension to be raised?

  12. Marcus E. says:

    As usual robert doing an amazing job reviewing rvs.. im very old on this channel and love the videos.

  13. B Rad says:

    Haha. How important does that guy think he is getting his l33t industry pass to the quiet day.

  14. B Rad says:

    “It’s almost more spacious than…” what you mean is _smaller_. Good grief, who teaches these people to speak?

  15. I am hapoy you are ok after the hurricane. Thanks for all you do. You are a good man, Robert

  16. Joseph Dugan says:

    I wish ADRIA would finally bring some of their European caravans…..errr…..trailers to the Hershey RV Show next year.

  17. Hywel says:

    Hi Robert. Great to see you at another RV show! I'm in the UK, and have also been following the YouTuber Andrew Ditton who was at Caravan Salon Dusseldorf last week – Europe's biggest such show. Fascinating to see the different styles and approaches to RV/trailer design between Europe and the US. May I ask if you've narrowed down your choice of new RV? I've just purchased a Hymer Eriba Nova L 442 – used to have an Eriba Troll 530 and it looked great with the iconic retro styling, but was just not big enough for a family of three…

  18. G Henrickson says:

    Winnebago trailers are just not keeping pace. They seem the same as years ago. No innovation, no zip…no zing. I am nearly 70 and these models just have no appeal to me. I guess that is why there are so many choices these days. Thanks for the video!

  19. Joe says:

    Your introduction sucks balls

  20. Craig Canard says:

    I’ll be there tomorrow

  21. Love the video. Thanks. One day we will have us an RV and your really helping. Love these RV tour videos.

  22. Ger Ger says:

    Ford Van | drove 50K 
    Mls, hated it, too $$. ( sold)

    Dodge Class C | Junk, poor workmanship. ( sold)

    Fleetwood Travel Trail | too long & noisy in storms. ((

    Dodge Class A | still own, but $$ and too big.

    Chev Camper | driven 500K Mls | Convenient, $$ to , Hard
    sleeping for seniors, , pull utility trailer                 for vices/ supplies.

    RVing is $$$ and never ending money hole. Harder harder to
    impaired seniors.


    None of these units were built for offroading/ boondocking,
    poorly built.

  23. The Voyage is great for storing folding bikes or trikes.

  24. Love that gladiator sized shower.

  25. Bramster17 says:

    So funny that the 2.0 is really a recognizable layout directly like your minitini 1.0 😀 Enjoy the rest of the show Robert 🙂

  26. Winnebago has improved their Micro Minnie line considerably as you have pointed out..
    Better suspension I'm sure and the option for better tires.
    Your truck can pull a new one in style.

  27. Ke Le says:

    Another stellar video! I like how Winnebago corralled their offerings and laid down that grass carpet. It surprised me how many of the refrigerators are absorptive only. No chance to use solar to power them, and solar for RVs is growing exponentially now. Those tough tires on that one rig are great! Wish we had more detail on those. Thank you for once again for taking us through this group of RVs, and commenting on the features and amenities. Learning has never been as fun as this series. On to the next one…..

  28. That last trailer you showed something like yours was nice. for the difference in price, just raise yours up and add those cool tires, and you wont have to worry about dragging the dump spouts.

  29. mcanning51 says:

    Thanks 🙏🏼 Robert, Nice 👍 how about checking out Lance Trailers for comparison to Winnebago? Enjoy 😉 the show. Be safe.

  30. RamblingRose says:

    Thank you for showing us all those new RVs at Hershey RV Show. So hard to decide on which one to get . I like that they are going more "electric" and getting away from propane. It should bring costs down but it does not look that way. RV sales are down so bargains to be had?

  31. Mark Handler says:

    When you're a YouTube celebrity, it's easy to get passes! 😉

  32. The Winnebago is the best manufacturer. Has best features for the money. Great videos.

  33. Mary Midgley says:

    Thank you for showing us all theses …at least we don't have to hear a salesman talking…😍

  34. Can you show some ones that are Class B's or C. I am not interested in a tow camper.

  35. Steve Lucier says:

    The AT package has taller wheels and I believe a 2" lift suspension raising a total of 4" inches. We like the Winnebago 2106 DS with the seat instead of the dinette. A couples trailer.

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