Hershey RV Show 2019: Touring Some Super C RVs. Great quality. Poor design.


Touring some Super C’s. In my opinion, not the best floor plan design, despite superb quality of material. Original music soundtrack and other merch available at …


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21 Responses to “Hershey RV Show 2019: Touring Some Super C RVs. Great quality. Poor design.”

  1. YouSurf 2 says:

    you are correct on propane stove… BETTER cooking like a chef, and yo can use it to swiftly heat your cold trailer/RV up, right? AND, easy to buy a single or double incucton cook-top as an extra burner or to use when it is TOO hot in your RV to use the propane.

  2. The Ghost, I literally recoiled from those coaches, right from the intro.. Never had that happen before, in spite of the Las Vegas designs of the recent past that are cringeworthy. The stupid clever graphic of the word ghost, maybe the dislike started there.

  3. This is the only one I'm watching.
    Super C's baby. 32' 4×4. Tow or haul 10,000 lbs. If you eat at a buffet, you'll be overweight in your class A. Smaller than 32' if they make one.

  4. BillUtah says:

    I agree with you on the windows. While the standard windows you can't have fully open when it's raining, I love to be able to have them open with the slide type to get air flow.

    Thanks for these videos. 👍

  5. Obviously some RV designers have never gone camping.

  6. C Smith says:

    Nexus sells direct and you might have some input into the floor plan

  7. C Smith says:

    BTW you missed the best new “Super C” when you walked past the Newmar display. If you get to see it you need for one of their reps show its most innovative features.

  8. Thank you for videos and ty for being great in what u do.

  9. Ser San says:

    That mirror is not to watching yourself sleeping it's for watching yourselves doing other things.

  10. Where do they park these monsters. It's hard to find places to go on the East Coast. We need more rv parks.

  11. marty jouett says:

    Of course another very nice video although watching you walk it appears your feet hurt from all that walking! Haha

  12. Ke Le says:

    I am glad for your honest opinions, Robert. I did not care for any of these RVs for all the reasons you pointed out. It is good that you voiced those issues, and show and compare for us better designs. What's up with that ceiling mirror in the second rig? "My glasses are dirty. Why didn't you guys tell me?" LMAO. I have never seen better tours of RVs, especially RV shows, than you have crafted in this series. I am enjoying this very much. Thank you, Robert! Stellar work!

  13. John Wonder says:


  14. James says:

    As usual very well done! Plus I’m with you for the money and size the floor plans of those super C’s was very underwhelming. I also agree that headboard that covers the emergency exit seems one not necessary and two in an emergency you now have an additional step to get out I would most likely just remove it.

  15. The 3rd Class C with blue strips in the kitchen it looks like they ran out of backsplash. what the heck for that kind of money……..No Way.

  16. GBmoves says:

    Thank you for the tours love to see RV's and you're a great guide.

  17. I agree with the TV placement. If it's not across from the couch or chair's, im not interested in the RV.

  18. Machz says:

    Please cover the Dynamax section -) I would love to see what they have there.

  19. Dennis Moore says:

    E350 not strong enough for the class C, Nexus is a dissapoinment

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