Hershey RV Show 2019: Pleasure Way (this one is still my favorite)


I tour a few of the Pleasure Way models, comparing the width between the Promaster and Sprinter chassis. Also my favorite the Plateau XLTS Original music …


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35 Responses to “Hershey RV Show 2019: Pleasure Way (this one is still my favorite)”

  1. It cools it off for the next person πŸ™‚

  2. this is very good explanation of the new RV's in your way… thanks for sharing your video to introduce various RV's

  3. I have really enjoyed all of these RV tour videos. Also enjoying you putting up a few videos a day about the day. Thanks so much!

  4. love when u go to rv shows,,!

  5. Anyone else not getting much done today cause they keep watching Roberts RV videos?!?!

  6. Dian Swanson says:

    Can you show the new Pleasure Ontour on the Ford Transit chassis?

  7. Looking forward to the walk around of the smaller travel trailers.

  8. As always, great vids from Robert.

  9. Good point on the ability to stretch out! Thanks!!!

  10. Doris Shanks says:

    Robert the last one where you walked around the end of the Pleasureways had a better up front work space. Look at that one showing in your video as you walked by.
    Love your RV show visits.

  11. Matt Clark says:

    The ProMaster is ugly and front-wheel drive

  12. endofsociety says:

    Looks like Robert may be switching out minitini for something else soon

  13. Phil O says:

    Hi Robert, have u ever thought about adding boat shows too. They r also fun to visit, just a thought.

  14. HDLowrider says:

    Hey Robert look at the Coachmen Beyond. We just got one and love it. Love the $$$$ difference also.

  15. Travels says:

    You missed the new Pleasure-Way Ontour, 2 models on the Ford chassis. Great videos, keep up the good work.

  16. Brian Massa says:

    Robert, have you checked out the Coachmen Apex Nano line of travel trailers? I'd like to know your thoughts on this line. I really like the layout of the 187RB and I am considering this as my first trailer. Your comments would be appreciated.

  17. Mark East says:

    When you go in these wetbaths ,instead of just stepping in then out ,can you please move around a little more ,turn around ,or pretend your would be showering to give us more of how much room there really is !Thanks !

  18. I put my rooftop AC on a power relay so it shuts off and come on because it was so noisy!

  19. All PW product has Lithium Batteries as far as I know.

  20. RV Vacation says:

    Did ya sign on the dotted line Robert. Will the Minni be sleeping alone in Hershey, PA?

    Enjoy your meal and rest well. Another big day tomorrow.😴😴😴

  21. Yh"B" Transitse Revel has the bed higher and it has "scoops in the body to allow you to sleep across in the Mercedes. I saw the same feature used in

  22. Its True says:

    Hi , thanks for helpful video, I want to see new lance Rvs please!

  23. Thanks Robert, watched everything so far.! Great job

  24. Did you see Coach House? There are made in Nokomis Florida. I own one and I love it.

  25. Lerssinen says:

    Its actually kinda "fun" to see how much difference there is between Europe models and USA models..

  26. Sharon H. says:

    We've looked at Lexor Fl and TS, and still much prefer the layout of our Hymer Aktiv 1.0 instead. With a murphy bed and permanent front lounge, it's a great layout.

  27. METHVS02 says:

    I am very much enjoying the extra videos. Once a week is always such a long wait.

  28. Crurned says:

    That tofino is a weekend type of vehicle. I am not hanging around in that at Arizona.

  29. Hi Robert, it would be so great if you could tour a Winnebago View/Navion 24D and a Thor Quantum KW 29 πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ»

  30. Robert, you walked right past what looked to me to be the new Pleasure-way OnTour built on the Transit. There were two, perhaps the 2.0 and the 2.2. No one has reviewed them on YouTube yet that I can find. Please go back and be the first!

  31. Ke Le says:

    Keep'em coming, Robert. Stellar job! I'm enjoying these RV tours immensely. Thank you!

  32. Faith Rada says:

    I'm really drawn to these PleasureWays… so easy to handle.

  33. Robert they have a new 2020 leisure rl you miss it when you was near the other ones

  34. Maggie Door says:

    You left the AC running with the door open, not very considerate of you!

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