Hershey RV Show 2019: Freightliner DriveTech


We tour the new Freightliner DriveTech simulator Original music soundtrack and other merch available at Help make my video production …


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19 Responses to “Hershey RV Show 2019: Freightliner DriveTech”

  1. Very cool Robert. Love that simulator!

  2. Gerard Trigo says:

    I cannot wait to see fully autonomous motor homes. 😀

  3. We had a great time at the RV show. It was unbelievable all there was to see! Thank you for your videos so we can show Tyler what it was like! Safe travels!

  4. That's pretty amazing technology Robert, thanks! So…what did you think? Helpful?

  5. G K says:

    Hey, Jeff and Kathy in Florida.

  6. Kathy A says:

    Brilliantly, done….
    & oft to website; learn more on engine…😁

  7. John P says:

    You would think that they would be able to use a larger display screen for that simulator.

  8. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  9. Lost Comma says:

    This is something that should have done decades ago. Not so much the glass dash but placing wipers and lights on the same stalk. Plus having the shifter on the right stalk on the steering column, instead of down by your hip is so much better . They can also incorporate all of the collision avoidance and Adaptive cruise control right in the dash.

  10. djsi38t says:

    um no need for the shift right there,you dont use it driving.

  11. djsi38t says:

    you spun the wheel a lot for tiny movements on the screen,not very realistic at all.

  12. robertb2468 says:

    Seems good but I'd rather have all the gauges, toggle switches partly due to upcoming wiring and software problems with such a complicated system the trouble shooting would be astronomical at $175 dollars per hour if the particular dealer is even lucky enough to have an electronics expert which most dealerships don't.

  13. Walt Nelson says:

    Robert is great interviewing folks. He is not afraid to let them have the mic. I also notice that when people interrupt his video to say hello, he welcomes them. Media professionals usually scold even a polite or accidental interruption.

  14. RV Vacation says:

    Glad to see this video back up and running. Enjoyed seeing the Freightliner.

    Spent many miles as a truck driver sitting behind one of those wheels.

    Affectionately known on the "big road" (interstates) as Freight-shakers.

    Lovely. Thanks for the memories Robert.🍻🍻🍻

  15. Do you have to have a special license for the class a pushers?

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