Hammock vs Ground Camping – The Results are Surprising


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22 Responses to “Hammock vs Ground Camping – The Results are Surprising”

  1. Shave your beard, everyone’s distracted and jealous

  2. Samuel Huber says:

    id rather go mat blanket tarp. to sleep comfortable in a hamock without getting suffocated a even bigger mat is needed then i need on the ground the setup is generally heavier and less versatile and it is aint faster to set up.

  3. Peter Lee says:

    what.. lol. I bought my hammock for $50 and i have no complaints. i bought my tent for $27 and some change, and no complaints. who is paying this much lmao. What?

  4. Espen Haug says:

    The prices for the hammock setup seems very expensive compared to what i have found… Id say you can get away with as little as $85 – if you already have a sleeping bag, and are willing to not sleep diagonally (it is still MUCH more comfortable than sleeping on the ground)…

    I paid only $18 for my hammock (on 50% sale), and $35 for my moskito net. Tarp (2×2 meters, without trekking poles) costs around $30 on ebay… Underquilt from DD hammocks cost around $85 here in Norway (950 gram, and -7degrees Celsius minimum temperature) – but as i already have 5 sleeping bags, i just run the cord to the hammock through the bottom of the sleeping bag (they usually/often have either a zipper that can be opened in the bottom, or a small opening at the bottom/end of the zipper, where you can push the cord through), so i can use the sleeping bag around the hammock (so it does not get compressed as i lay down on it). That way i dont really NEED to buy a top/under-quilt (unless i want to, for more space&comfort).

    Set up like this, it is really quick and easy to get in or out of the hammock. Just lay down as i normally would, and pull up the sleeping bag around me, and tighten it a bit to prevent cold air to come into the sleeping bag.

    This setup may not work with all sleeping bags, and does not allow laying diagonally in the hammock, but with a slightly spaceous sleeping bag, i think it is still pretty comfortable… I just tie the hammock up a bit tighter than i would for a diagonal lay, so i avoid that "banana shape"… Maybe not the ULTIMATE comfort you can experience in a hammock, but still pretty decent 😛

    Just remember to bring your "video glasses" on such trips, so you can watch some episodes of "Married with Children" (you all remember Al Bundy, right??? XD You find it on Dailymotion) on your 1 person adventures. You get some that seems pretty good for just ~$180 on ebay. Not HD quality, but better than DVD… Mine is old and just 432×240 pixles – but even these are good enough to watch "Married with Children" in the hammock 😛

  5. JP Lorimer says:

    Well this is a useless video

  6. thepook02 says:

    nope…. you just need the blue sheet under the tent….
    it make you sweet dream without dirty in the morning. Mannnnn

  7. Lol 455 for a hammock setup….. I got a $30 hammock off amazon and use a cheap sleeping bag from Walmart mabe have $50 in all that’s crazy for what he’s quoting it

  8. Well done , also im jealous of the beard good job man!!

  9. Hobbes says:

    Top and bottom qwilt don't cost 150 each

  10. Chris Couch says:

    If you enjoy sleeping with an arched back sleep in a hammock. And if you are a stomach sleeper you'll have to choose a tent unless you want to suffocate. So many hammock die-hards out there but if you don't have two trees you're screwed. No desert or open camping, only in the trees. Not worth it.

  11. A Potato says:

    My hammock setup
    Hammock = £10
    Straps = £10
    Roll mat = about £25
    Sleeping bag = prob £30
    Tarp = borrowed

  12. jolly fresh says:

    inweigh 110kgs i aint slepeping no hammock

  13. jolly fresh says:

    you need strong trees nt awlays poossible also if teh thing breaks in mddel of night you may break aleg or back very dangerous

  14. jolly fresh says:

    if theres peope with bad intentions your trapped in hamocck at least atent yu can have soethig wiating fro nthem like an axe

  15. scarumanga says:

    I prefer a bivy over a tent when solo, much more compact and light, no poles or setup. Just unroll the bivy, put your thermarest and sleeping bag in and your set to camp pretty much anywhere. Hammock seems like a great alternative, I have not tried hammock camping yet though, though I do have a Chillax hammock from Costco that I plan to attempt this with. A 4-lb marmot trestles bag with a -3C comfort rating is what I use here in the Rockies. Best part about camping with a bivy though is you are always on top of your thermarest, I find in a tent I always end up off of it. The thermarest pillows are awesome too, super packable and really comfy once you let them expand for a half hour.

  16. You SERIOUSLY overpriced the hammock…and probably the ground system.

  17. Jared Gibson says:

    Bruh my underquilt costs $40 and it keeps me nice and cozy 😂

  18. I do travel a lot with a motorbike. It's a KTM 1190 r. I can take some luggage but on the longer getaways i always have to choose in advange what i'm gonne take.A tent or the hammock. I wish i could take them both.That would be so great, but weight is always a problem because of the handling of the bike.In a short time i'm going to Norway and Sweden and also do a lot of dirt riding. Although it is summer it can become prity cold sometimes.
    Most of the time wild camping but sometimes i do a real camping. I like to stay a few days and use the campsite as a base so i can ride without gear and relax a bit.A tent in those circumstances is preferable because you can leave your gear in the tent. With a hammock you can not do that.
    But nevertheless i always take the hammock because sleeping is so much better.
    Maybe i will buy a really really small tent so i can put my gear in it and sleep in the hammock. It's worth the try maybe.
    And the problem is not only taking a hammock and a tent but then you also have to take a underquild and a sleeping pad.

    I have been in such bad weather and storms and wished backthen that i would have taken the tent with me. Rain and bad weather going on for days.😥 It not so much fun then with a hammock although i have a big tarp 4×4 meters. I can fold it around my hammock and tie it up underneath me but in a tent you would have the possibility to sit in a helinox chair. If the weather gets that bad that you have to lay down i your hammock for almost 48 hours it's horrible.
    When going away for let's say a day or two you can make a certain choice but 5 til 8 weeks is completely different scenario.

  19. Hammock now costs $280 at under 2lbs of weight… That's factory with stakes, bug net, tarp, 300lb rated hammock + tree straps, 4 season capable. Spend $70 on a certain highly rated under quilt via Amazon @ 26oz… Yeah. Not even the less weight more expensive UQ's around. Significantly cheaper for UL now vs. a tent. Didn't put out any names, all of this is easily googleable.

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