Guest Setting at Rock Mill Climbing Gym


A quick video that I made while guest route setting at Rock Mill Bouldering Gym. This was my second time setting in this awesome gym, and I hope it won’t be the …


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  1. TechInLife says:

    Hey kinda of an odd question, but I just started climbing and have some slight nerve damage in my right arm (grip strength numbness etc). wondering if you could suggest any exercises in the gym to help to improve climbing strength/stamina in the arms and back that might be outside the standard gym routine. I know this is a really broad question but I love climbing. But I can currently only go up and down a 36 foot wall 3-4 times before my arm is cooked for the day, but I have the bug now so I want more time on the wall. Thanks for you time and the vid as well!

  2. love those routes you set, keep it up

  3. I look forward to coming here 🙂

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