Gregory Zulu (30, 35 and 40): Men's Ventilated Hiking & Backpacking


Ventilated packs with enough space for full-day hikes and overnight trips. Get your Gregory Zulu here: …


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One Response to “Gregory Zulu (30, 35 and 40): Men's Ventilated Hiking & Backpacking”

  1. Cab S says:

    I was looking to buy the Zulu 30 last year but rejected it after research due to one major and one minor issue. When the main compartment is fully filled, the majority of the bulk is towards the top of the pack rather than to the lower section where it would help to maintain a lower centre of gravity. Not only it would be more stable when on the move as well as safer when scrambling or on uneven surfaces.
    The location of the rain cover and how it is attached to the pack once deployed is too cumbersome especially when in storms and strong winds and wearing gloves. Doesn't make sense to put it back to its stored location if its still wet, storage should be located at the base of the pack with a drain hole like the majority of packs on the market.
    Looks like this 2019 version has the same issues.

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