Germany in 4K | Backpacking, Hiking, and Camping the Palatinate Forest


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32 Responses to “Germany in 4K | Backpacking, Hiking, and Camping the Palatinate Forest”

  1. tracker 584 says:

    that tunnel was probably moldy and dank…MOLD can make you sick and kill you…..what about that water that was undrinkable..i know you filtered it but maybe it was still bad…..

  2. Blazikan999 says:

    Hello, German hunter here. All those things you discovered in front of the deer stands are known as a Kirrung or in English 'bait site'. The trough with the roof on it at 40:35 is where we put corn for the animals and at 47:16, that is a salt lick. If you found any wooden logs cut in half with legs on them, that is also a place where we put corn for the animals.

  3. Hey guys, that’s so incredible! I watched some of your videos a few years ago and lost touch. But now that I’ve found you again, I realized that you’ve made it to my living room the palatinate forest! That's so nice 🙂 We could have meet up in the woods and I could have had shown you around, what a pity. But one thing I must criticise: You went to Palatinate, one of the most famous regions in Germany for wine making and what did you drink out there?!? Beer from Bavaria!?! literally from another country… You should have tried some wine instead, oh bummer!

  4. Greg Vasquez says:

    ok hanging up on tanpants Sinard on film was epic. I had a good laugh. ha ha

  5. Sean Miller says:

    military folks call Kaiserslautern "K-town"

  6. Fun to watch, love it!

  7. I think his sickness could come from the forest itself… some plants and grasses where blooming that are not common in america so you could be allergic against that. Im happy that you liked kaiserslautern. Next time you come to germany maybe you could come to cologne or aachen and hike in the Eifel… irs soo beautiful there wirh many great hikes! 😊

  8. I like your pronounciation "Studentenfutter" 31:18! Bloody hell, why have you choosen Palatinate Forest? We hiked many trails in Germany and Europe but this one wasn´t on our map, yet! Thanks for your work. Interested in more hidden treks, get inspired by us, if you like. Take care!

  9. Excellent video! I have been hiking about 15 minutes from Kaiserslautern and making my videos there. Any suggestions on other places in Germany to hike and explore?

  10. Rachel Lsn says:

    what am i missing! why does it start with day 3? is this cause i’m not on patreon ?

  11. Linus Wärn says:

    Poor Jochen being called Johan the entire episode.

  12. W M says:

    These videos are very soothing and stress-releasing. I had no idea German forests looked like that. It could almost have been here in Australia.

  13. kckrye says:

    Great video guys!  I have several friends that love Germany and said they would consider living there.

  14. Guys, yuohave the most beautifull intro ever! And the rest of the video too, of course 🙂

  15. Mike McAfee says:

    Thanks for another great video. I particularly enjoyed the portion on Kaiserslautern; I'm an Air Force Brat and attended Kaiserslautern American High School while living in Ramstein village and Air Base in the late 1950s and early sixties. This brought back many fond memories.

  16. Great videos!!!

    Im dutch but I've lived over 20yrs in Germany. Its funny to see you guys trying out some typical German food and snacks! 😂 Hope you enjoyed it! 😋

  17. Jp. D. says:

    Hey Andrew, you should research Echinococcus multilocularis. I think this may be what your friend was referring to with the fox pee and berries. I thought you would find this interesting.

    Much love for you guys! I’m happy to have discovered like-minded nature lovers and philosophers doing their thing and loving on earth, life and enjoying what it is to be human. It feels like recharging a battery watching your videos, like reconnecting to the truest sense of reality that I know and feel deep down to be the absolute truth of our existence here.

    You guys care about the right things and what truly is most important. Wise beyond your years and inspiring! Keep the awesome videos coming!!

  18. Richard Apt says:

    dont seem to be a lot of blackflies or mosquitoes?

  19. Jack Bridges says:

    in every video, the music gives off a vibe of a zelda game mixed with animal crossing, and a studio ghibli movie

  20. TailEnd88 says:

    When I went to Germany my senior year of high school it was in February during fasching. That really marked a turning point in my life; a broadening of my horizons. I am proud of how different I am from that person who knew nothing of the world.

    My heritage is German, that's why I wanted to go. But in case you didn't know, fasching is German mardi gras and an 18 year old is considered much more of an adult in Europe than in the U.S. And even though much fun was had, my favorite part was a hike through the black forest even if it was the middle of winter.

  21. Martin Jott says:

    What a nice video.

  22. As an ethnic German living in the US, I wish more people thought the way you guys do. The bit that starts at 59:00 was touching for me to hear, and, whether intentional or not, seemed to elude to the way people tend to think of Germany in light of its checkered past. I would like to take the opportunity to say that every corner of the world has a dark history buried somewhere in its past. And although Germany's is in somewhat recent memory for a few, it doesn't mean the culture is bad or the people are bad. The fact is that none of the people responsible for the terrible things that happened are still alive today, and although Germany still has its work cut out for it in building a brighter future in spite of the past, I can't think of a country today that doesn't. Germany is a beautiful land full of kind, smart, hospitable, witty people, and I hope more people have the opportunity to go there and experience it the way you guys have. Thank you for this video!

  23. Great video! How did you go about making a reservation for the site? I interested in camping there.

  24. Adam K says:

    Andrew, what schools and books did you go and read to learn so much about plants?

    Thank you sir and to AA, keep up the great work. : )

  25. it is wonderful… well done …do plan for Nepal trip & subscribe us too

  26. jimmy castro says:

    What a life, experience, & lesson.  thx for share/ring!  cheers

  27. My favorite part of this video was the Fireflies!!! Just wow…!

  28. Mike Dang says:

    Brian didn't say a word this episode haha

  29. Isabela Hart says:

    Yeah there’s no way I would walk into that tunnel I’ve played to many video games.

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