Gear Review: Sea To Summit Quagmire Canvas Gaiters


We’ve put together a gear review for the Sea To Summit Quagmire Canvas Gaiters based on 2 years of solid use in the field. Thanks for watching and thanks for your support. – The Hike or Die Team.


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14 Responses to “Gear Review: Sea To Summit Quagmire Canvas Gaiters”

  1. froochie123 says:

    Nice, spats for the outdoorsman. Great first vid guys.

  2. HikeordieTV says:

    Haha, exactly! Thanks mate.

  3. HikeordieTV says:

    Hahahaha, i know right? Stole the show!

  4. Clinton K says:

    Another great vid lads, us Celts can thank St Patrick or possibly the cold climate for not having snakes

  5. HikeordieTV says:

    Thank you sir. Yes you do. Maybe a bit of both. My ancestry is from those parts.

  6. HikeordieTV says:

    Thanks mate. Yes they are good quality products. The ones i reviewed were literally about 2 years old and have done some work. They just keep going. Looking forward to getting more out to you.

  7. HikeordieTV says:

    Hahaha, that's what I thought. They are worth looking at depending on where you hike or hit the woods etc. Thank you. I'm aiming at putting up a video once a week at the moment. That may change depending on how busy I get.

  8. HikeordieTV says:

    Thanks mate. Good timing. I've just been out all morning filming the breakdown of my survival kit. It's a long video that's for sure but it might be helpful.

  9. Bush Channel says:

    Great Gaiters. I do a bit of bush bashing completely off trail to reach places no one goes and in summer get a bit nervous about snakes and the possibility of evil fangs puncturing the 8oz canvas. Recently I decided to get my canvas quagmires reinforced with an additional layer of 14 oz canvas on the outside by an alterations expert.

  10. Julian says:

    getting me some of these, doing some overnight hiking in Vic and will feel a lot more secure in em,

  11. Alain Fara says:

    Any trial with these on snake bites?
    Anyone tried both, the moroka and these for a good review?

  12. Bush Channel says:

    Hey fellows back again! 🙂 Have you noticed that last year the Quagmires coming in from China were lacking reinforced stitching on the ankle reinforcement patch? This year they're getting even more stingy because I just saw a batch last night at a hiking store, the ankle reinforcement patch is completely missing altogether (gone). I suspect also that the whole gaiter is made from thinner material 🙁

  13. atlantamoon says:

    Thanks. Just bought a pair and wasn't sure if I was putting them on right. I love Sea to summit gear. Saw four snakes on the trail I did last week so thought the $70 was a smart investment. Happy you gave it a positive review, feel confident in my purchase.

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