Gear I added to my 6lb ultralight base weight


I’m making a big change to my gear setup from why I have been rocking these last couple years. This change is going to add, not decrease my base weight.


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  1. Christine says:

    Your intelligence in making adjustments will make your success. Well Done Big Foot

  2. Daniel Berry says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new food list. Are you taking jerky, or pemmican?

  3. Kemp English says:

    Good stuff! – Cannot wait to see your full gear selection and am very interested in the diet changes. You will probably be able to save all the weight of that stove setup by taking food that doesn't weigh as much as no-cook options.

  4. BDU King says:

    Because you are going to use the Vargo BOT and it is leak proof you might want to consider hydrating your meal while you hike so all you have to do is heat it while you set up camp. You should save some time.

  5. jonnken says:

    You'll probably still eat protein power bars hourly during the day?

  6. Dave says:

    Has anyone added wild edibles on a hike to extend their food?
    I understand how that takes time away from the hike if trying to make high milage goals. I saw one older story about a family on the PCT going Nobo and realized their supply of food was inadequate, so, they got a book and added wild foods, and got healthier and added muscle mass too. Just saying, it sounded like a big plus on their hike.

  7. Blue Jedi says:

    $99 for a pot 🙀

  8. crazykev5 says:

    what is the record? how do you plan on cutting time? is there a video on that?

  9. Randy Shaw says:

    That stove isn't the easiest to use practice with it.

  10. Jerry Adams says:

    As you play with the alcohol, don't over look the Esbit tabs..I blew them off for years and now it is the Miracle fuel.I have 5 stoves with all the forms of fuel available, and Esbit with Ti wing stove and the Evernew 500ml is what I rock., it's the lightest Combo out.And don't forget a wind shield, I use a Carbon wind cloth.It will not get hot, it is nothing weight and it can be used as a pot holders..Good luck my friend..

  11. MRo says:

    You likely thought of this but: Your Bot seconds as a container and a means to pre-hydrate with filtered water. In camp, you need only to warm your food which means less fuel. Just a thought. Your stove you are evaluating, as I recall, will function best when full of fuel. Any left over can be dumped back into your fuel container. Be careful with it if pre-hydrating and warming as that intensity of heat could burn your food. Maybe a little olive oil in the Bot will help mitigate burning food. Your Bot lid can be used to measure water and perhaps even drink out of. I found Titanium to be a poor conductor to your advantage when putting your lips to it. Right around the temperature where the water is safe to drink, the Titanium is safe to touch. No silicone sippy needed. Good luck to you.

  12. Do you use those bottle hooks to attack ur water bottles to the front of ur backpack? Name?? I see them on hikers and want to get a few.

  13. When speed and weight is the main concern, I find your stove of choice a bit weird. It takes longer to cook in comparison to gas, and for anything longer than a 3 day hike with 3 warm meals a day, gas is the lighter setup. If you eat less than that and resupply points aren't far apart though …

    The container is neat, but you'r never going to cook 1 liter of water. Where does that acces water go when start to cook? Will you only cook ones your waterlevel is down to the requirement for your meal?

  14. Can u have double quarter pounders with cheese air dropped to you?? Of course with French fries 🍟

  15. Hey Bigfoot. Make sure to try out that Vargo stove before you head out. I have a Vargo stove and it is terrible to light and get it to bloom. Honestly, the best alcohol stove is the Fancee Feest homemade stove.

  16. what's wrong with a fancy feast stove? Andrew Skurka used one on his Alaska loop. Mine weighs 0.3 oz and never fails. also, Evernew titanium mug-pot: 1.95 oz without the lid but including the handles. just make a lid and windscreen out of aluminum foil. that puts you at 2 oz plus fuel.

  17. good stuff, Bigfoot. have you ever considered pemican? …and be in a ketogenic state.

  18. Ramen bomb with beef jerky!!

  19. Allen Bishop says:

    Roll into camp set up your stove, get your water heating, while you set the tent, bag and pad, no extra time spent. A good plan…. Big thumbs up!!!

  20. Tom Johnson says:

    Been a big fan of freezer bag cooking for a long time. If you haven't looked at FBC, you should check it out.
    This is a good book:

    For alcohol stoves, I'm a fan of minibulldesigns.
    MHO, Tinny is a strange guy but nobody seems to make alcohol stoves like him.
    Your milage may vary.

  21. Atlas918 says:

    Great idea to add a stove. Rule #1 of big physical activity: listen to your body. Good move there, Bigfoot. Some ULers may scoff at you, but who cares.

  22. Bruce Matson says:

    It was fun meeting at Trail Days. Thanks again – your videos have been extremely useful in planning my 2018 NOBO. Quick (dumb) question: how do you pour off hot water from the Bot?

  23. hi bigfoot! I also have gone for some fkts, unofficially. to find out what im made of not really for the proper format of the fkt proboards. Anyways one minor thought from experience. Holding into 40s is very difficult, especially being as you will be starting with say 15 lbs of food (unsupported right?) Failing on fkt attempts more often than most happens when one overdoes the first day or two or three. now, pick a number like 35 miles a day….. thats something to attempt to hold onto. save the 40s for when you eat through the food weight. good luck! p.s. do a nutritional video. we want to know th food preference, weight, calories. peace

  24. Rob _ says:

    ive heard the BOT, which I'll probably still try out, warps from heating over a stove and screws up threading on the lid making it leak. have you seen any wear on it with stove use?

  25. hon solo says:

    the voyageurs of Hudsons bay company ate nothing but pemmican….18 hour days with 200lb portages……food for thought?

  26. KuntryRD says:

    I have discovered that if doing trips over 3 days, I actually save weight by taking a very simple stove setup and carrying dehydrated/freeze-dried foods. You do have to make sure you are near a water source or carry water for a short distance to camp. The mental aspect of having a hot meal at the end of the day can do wonders for the emotional roller coaster of a longer trip. You gear choices are looking good. Well thought out. You are keeping an open mind and a willingness to change your approach.

  27. A 50+ mile day??? … and 40's … Wow, I've never even heard of that …. so what kind of elevation changes were you looking at on those?

  28. just bought this! haven't had time to play with it.

  29. link2derek says:

    Interesting. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on these items after your SHT hike…

  30. I have had that stove for a year or so. It is great, light weight. Great choice.

  31. SiJaeJee says:

    this is exciting!

  32. Lucky Hiker says:

    Bigfoot, what were the reasons you selected the start date of your Superior record hike? Also what is considered the optimum start for through hiking?

  33. Atar Place says:

    Vargo Bot in Titanium: I have used that container for quite a while. Here is what I do, perhaps it might be of interest.
    I made a coozie for the Bot.
    To unscrew the lid:
    – debit card sample / store credit card sample. Insert card Above the ring, not at the "cup" or lower part of ring, to release the vacuum that will form as the hot contents cool. The Vacuum is VERY strong, so, as mentioned earlier, unscrew the top within 5 – 10 minutes after removing from stove. OR let contents cool a bit before sealing.

    – Loosen the threads on the BOT. Screw and unscrew the lid for about 5 – 10 minutes (while watching TV?). You can hear the roughness of the screws even in your video.

    – The Best trick I have found is to LIGHTLY put olive oil on the screws and the ring. Presto – No problems, even if closed right off the stove!

    – Usage: I agree with the pre-soak & also I heat the meal (not pre soak) then put in coozie – then reheat when I am ready to eat.

    – Usage: I make a big breakfast, eat what I want, put the BOT in the coozie and snack on the rest later in the morning. I like a small canister with a titanium stove so I can reheat at a moments notice. I like my hot drinks to be hot 🙂 There are several sellers of this same stove – different names: FOME SPORTS|OUTDOORS Ultralight Camping Gas Stove Outdoor Gas Burner Cooking Stove Portable Folding Titanium Stove 25g One Year Warranty

    Watched all your videos 🙂

    Perhaps a video on the new video cam, sound & tripod selections and why?

    Enjoy your upcoming hike and Hot Meals!

  34. Could you do a video on what exactly you'll be packing to get that calorie count in, but keeping weight down. Thanks!

  35. ChuckNoctis says:

    Pretty obvious that it's endorsement gear.

  36. Anxious to see your menu.

  37. Todd says:

    I have a question about baseweight that maybe you can help me with: If we exclude consumables such as water, food, and fuel from the total baseweight because their weight fluctuates during a hike, shouldn't we also exclude other consumables such as TP, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, dental floss, bug spray, and sun screen from the total baseweight too since the weight of those items also fluctuate during a hike? Thanks 🙂

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