Gear, Gear, Gear!


I’ve been watching a few gear reviews, and they looked really fun to do. This is basically a quick review of my gear that I bring with me during backpacking or dayhiking. Feel free to leave…


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8 Responses to “Gear, Gear, Gear!”

  1. TheDishD says:

    top vid bro, nice peices of kit, got pretty much everything u might need, thanks for sharing this with us, take care bud.

  2. dmacken11 says:

    Nice gear man. Top dollar stuff some of it huh. I'll PM you soon on some of this .

  3. chris smith says:

    Cool gear. Nice quality, too.

  4. phrayzar says:

    Real nice kit there. It's amazing how the cost all adds up but hey you gotta love the gear.

  5. Pawoodsman says:

    Good quick review , I am always messing with my gear lightweight for spring summer and fall winter different story lol

  6. Pawoodsman says:

    @Ekulytes Some ultra light gear will be sufficient but don't want to skimp on sleeping bag and shelter so you don't become hypothermic and miserable not saying you can't get hypothermia in middle of a downpour in the summer but you get my point. colder months is when the luxury items are more appreciated as daylight hours are shorter and time spent in dark longer. hope that helps

  7. axlehunter says:

    whats the music in the biggining

  8. I use the same sleeping pad when not using my ENO, I like it pretty well.

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