For Beginners: 10 Useful RV "BOONDOCKING" / DRY CAMPING Products


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29 Responses to “For Beginners: 10 Useful RV "BOONDOCKING" / DRY CAMPING Products”

    0.5 GPM Faucet Aerator
    Oxygenics Shower Head
    Grapeseed CLEANSING OIL
    Cottonelle Wipes
    Phone Power Battery Bank
    Car Power Inverter
    Inverter Generator

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  2. My jaws are getting really tight! What, why, is/are the tinkling sounds in the background. I know I have tinnitus but surely I am not the only one hearing it.—stepping down from my grandstand now.

  3. Dry camping for the first time in a couple of weeks. Wish us luck 😁

  4. One trick we used on the boat was a 2 gal. hand held sprayer. You can see the water level. You just pump it up to get the pressure, adjust the nozzle and do a quick rinse. Another, one of my very favorites is the 5 gallon Super Solar Shower. They're black so when put in the sun they heat the water. Both keep you keenly aware of just how much water you are using. Thank you for the great tips.

  5. I’m so glad I found your videos. So I am not a camper and my first time boondocking was this year for 30 days. At which point I had a meltdown and we found a motel. At least I know my limit lol. You two are so funny. Now that I have recovered I’m strangely wanting to be out in nature again. If you guys are ever on the Oregon Coast I have a driveway you can boondock in.

  6. Brian Sayre says:

    I have red hair and I burn big time can I use cleansing oil

  7. Cw Sayre says:

    Lovely eyes! No, I'm not talking about Sean (you perverted weirdoes!).

  8. jay lemmons says:

    New rv owner here…. Been bindge watching ur videos…. You guys are the greatest…. Learning a lot….clovis.nm

  9. Hi, I thought the yellow vest is a good idea for my car safety kit. Great stocking stuffer for my Husband .


  11. Nope if I get one it will be my home

  12. Pat Walter says:

    I really need an answer. I LOST MY CASITA . This was my first year at Quartzite and I didn't know a single soul. I got my permit and went searching for a spot with a bit of room because I knew I'd need to use my generator to run my heater. So many RV's and so many signs for groups, I never paid attention where I came in. I found a place, set up and went into town for Dollar store supplies.
    When I finally got back I realized I couldn't remember where my trailer was!!!!!
    I LOST MY CASITA AT PLOMOSA BLM! I did not find it..had some help..until 4am what do you use to keep track of your location?

  13. rmguardino says:

    We are newbies to the travel trailer life but not full timers. We Love your videos but gotta ask…how do you (and other full time younger RV'ers) afford to just travel all the time?? It took us years of working and hoping just to purchase our trailer finally. I see many younger couples full time traveling in RV's and wonder where is their income coming from to pay for all this??

  14. Great video!! I always think about using aerosol! Not good for long function or our environment!!!!!! Suave uses the worst chemicals!! Go green on your household products and personal. You are being pro active for yourself and our planet!!! Luv U guys and I truly learn a lot from your tips! Each one teach one.

  15. Suggestion
    1. Small solar chargers will let the sun charge your phone, camera or other electronic devices.

  16. B Mechanic says:

    the blue thing on wheels is call a blue boy!

  17. machfive916 says:

    I have the exact same Aibocn power bank/charger (albeit with no LoLoHo sticker) and love it.

  18. Kerri Schuh says:

    If you don't want to use oil to clean makeup off your face, use lotion. I just use my moisturizer, but there are other lotion cleansers out there. Lotion won't leave your skin feeling oily.

  19. Most new campers come with an inverter if they also opted to have a Residential Refer installed at the factory. If you didn't choose to have a RR installed then the factory, as a rule will generally not install an inverter.

  20. I had a hi-lo trailer that held only about 11 gallons of fresh water. My remedy was to get a 45 Gal water bag. I built a wood box that was 4 x 8 x 6". With plywood top that was hinged to open from back and put water bag in there. And stored other items on that. Then when needed I would transfer that water via hose to trailer tank.

  21. Sugar Cakes says:

    For the make up remover, you can use any oil. I use olive or coconut oil for washing and moisterizing. If you need to tone your skin you can use apple cider vinegar. Men- dilute it if you use it for shaving…unless you like screaming <3 but it works great and it's all so much less expensive than dedicated products like 'eye moisturizer' or whatever.

    Fat and acid baby. It's all you need for your skin (and your food, too).

    Coconut oil has a bit of a natural spf too.

  22. paulag1955 says:

    Kristy, do you wear make up when you're boondocking?

  23. Tootsla 125 says:

    Alternate shower suggestion: rub yourself down with baby powder, scrub down with Walmart "Assure" bath cloths. I did this for 23 days while camping and white water rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The baby powder works like magic – dirt and sand just sloughs right off. Felt fresh as a daisy and smelled great, too! Preemptive answer to questions: No, you cannot bathe in the river or the side streams because (1) no shampoo or soap allowed; (2) the water is 49 degrees and full of Sandy sediment; (3) the water is so swift you'll get swept away and your body will never be found; (4) No, there are no motels on the river through the GC – except Phantom Ranch – pay showers two weeks in.

  24. Kelly Thomas says:

    Power banks are great for bus and plane travel since so many of the usb charger ports don’t work. Mine will charge my IPad twice before needing to be charged.

  25. Sonny L says:

    Hello there ! Thank you for sharing your experience !

  26. TheSunfire96 says:

    We have found that we can put a clean bucket or container in the shower to catch the water as it's heating up and then turn the Oxygenics shower head off and remove the cantainer of clean water for use later or save and collect more for whatever you want and then get in to a hot shower!! Two birds and one shower!!

  27. MIRO LAZIC says:

    Don’t like idea of dry shampoo, it’s chemical witch is not good. You just poisonings your self. You have to know that skin it’s the biggest organ and absorbers everting. Less chemicals it’s better. Please save your self from poisonings your self.

  28. jeepgirl721 says:

    Love the make up cleaning tips for the ladies! Thank you!

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