Food and Resupply on the Appalachian Trail


People have asked me several questions about what I ate and how I resupplied while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2015. Hoping this video will help …


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  1. Paul Lessard says:

    12:50 "Yummy" … lol

    Did you put a price tag on the food you bought (Did I miss it?)? If not, could you give a rough estimate how much you had spent on the food in this video? Thanks in advance! 😉 -Paul

  2. Alex Brown says:

    Honeybuns are excellent for breakfast

  3. PH says:

    That fire in the back is an artificial one, right? the logs are not burning and it went out in the middle of the video. just saying…

  4. Beautiful Southern Belle. The smart and adventurous type!! Wow!

  5. Rick Timmons says:

    what did you do after getting home? do you work? family life after trail. did friends remember you?

  6. Greg Smith says:

    I dont know if you still look at the comments for these older videos, but I have noticed that when I go for a 1-2 day hike, I dont eat breakfast and usually just eat a couple of handfuls of trail mix because I just dont get hungry. Do you actually eat 3 meals a day or do you pack it just encase you decide to?

  7. Love your videos. A through hike is slowly become a bucket list item. What do you do for prescription medicines?

  8. Vera N. says:

    12:28 – I totally just heard that as 'ramen noodels, Oreo flavored'. 😀

  9. Stllno says:

    You have a gift Dixie girl! 👍

  10. onis1969 says:

    try the coffee bags like the tea bags..folgers or maxwell house..much better

  11. Mungas Yuge says:

    Military MREs have come a long way and have a lot of good meals and maybe a more square meal and can be broken down as well. It's heater only needs a dash of water and you can use it to warm yourself after use. Look up most recent year MRE menu A, B. If buying make certain reputable (on Amazon) dealer. There's a pizza MRE out there! Good day!

  12. AbuGrabIt says:

    What happened to your fireplace at 5:16?

  13. my mom thru-hiked in the 80's and said she went through a whole box of oatmeal cream pies a day!! lol. she says she never got sick of them.

  14. Todd says:

    Ummmm…… okay. So a poltergeist flame that goes out by itself then at the 8:00 minute mark?
    Humm, interesting..

  15. Jena H says:

    "Don't know if we've got any triple crowners on there, but we will" 😉 Oh, Dixie, you already knew you'd be one

  16. Tri hall says:

    I hope to see you on the summit soon. Coffee's done

  17. Tri hall says:

    I live in the west but I canoed the Warrior river one time in Alabama, it was so different from the Rockies,, I couldn't believe all the turtles

  18. o tejas o says:

    My first packing of food bag would be : homemade jerky & pemmican for protein & fats , trail mix with cranberries

    ( cranberries for vitamin C ) , dehydrated banana chips for potassium , raw natural honey comb for carbs & energy and

    a bottle of multivitamins to cover everything else. As I go along the trail , I would continue , whenever possible , to keep

    replenishing my stock with the same type of items I started with , keeping my body accustomed to the same kind of foods ,

    so there is no wild shift in food intake to upset my gastric system , and forage off the land as I go.

  19. RC says:

    You do NOT need carbs, there is an valid option. If you are interested, here is a documentary where world class athletes challenge this carb-loading myth and even established a new world record while doing that

  20. aiden mcneil says:

    Hiker Hunger.. nice

  21. aiden mcneil says:

    Your food is almost exactly what I took my first hike. Nice! I prefer the Bumblebee Tuna with the little folding red spoon. 😎 2 of us though so we carried a few other items as well. Celestial seasonings tea… Flour Tortillas… Salt and pepper, Honey..

  22. aiden mcneil says:

    Took Centum and felt awesome every day on my first hike. One a day pill…
    50lb pack, total newb, felt great! 36m 6'2 165lb..
    I'm no health nut but would recommend it.

  23. This is for all you backpackers, hikers, campers, and rock climbers out there☺️ This is a document containing charts of great backpacking foods (vegan friendly) and their nutrition facts including their daily value (BUT it's based on a diet for a Female 200 lb backpacker (I'm a chubby hiker and I'm not ashamed))

    There are also links to where you can choose to buy all of this food, the protein powder I've chosen is the best (I think) , I have tried it, it's vegan, organic, soy free, it has extra greens, it's chocolate, and it tastes amazing!!

    I suppose you could also use this chart to make your own recipes, but you would just have to change the DV to match your body type.

    Hope you all enjoy!!

  24. India M says:

    You sure lost a lot of things! I’d be the same

  25. Would you take tined tuna in oil on the trail. There is a way of cooking the tuna in its own tin.

  26. tim _ says:

    carbs are a terrible energy source, so that s why you crave them and have to keep shoveling them down.

  27. thumbnail made me realize i miss riga . hope she is doing well also

  28. Anita Vaughn says:

    When I was in the Marine Corps, there were times i took raman noodles, tuna and cheese… makes a delicious meal.

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