Five Things I Take On Every Winter Hike | My 5 Winter Hiking Essentials


With winter hiking season back upon us I thought it would be a good time to talk about 5 winter hiking essentials. I take these 5 things on every winter hike I go …


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16 Responses to “Five Things I Take On Every Winter Hike | My 5 Winter Hiking Essentials”

  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for posting the advice. I also enjoyed following along this summer while you did the AT. Q: What are a couple of your favorite Winter NH4K hike for winter? I am into the List for about a dozen at this point and looking to do some winter hiking too. Any advice would be great.

  2. Kathy T says:

    Hi Chris 😀. VERY appropriate video as it snowed here yesterday! We both have micro spikes and I want to check out those crampons 👍🏻 My question is if you don’t know exactly what the terrain will be but you do expect snow and possibly ice do you take both with you? And secondly do you start out hiking with them on or put them on when the terrain changes? Thank you this was a great and very timely video! 👍🏻Happy Hiking 😃

  3. bball33g says:

    When do you switch from wearing Microspikes to wearing Crampons?

  4. Excellent list of essentials. Really wanting to check out the whites. Great video.

  5. Erik Giggey says:

    im going out snowshoeing tommorow, we have enough now with just over a foot of snow with an icy crust.
    never seen the trail crampons before

  6. Good ideas, surprised not see gloves as an essential item tho. Of course where I live it's all a bit of overkill in Florida! LOL

  7. M G says:

    As usual, great video an advice ❄️

  8. Thanks for the review of your winter gear… I've been thinking of getting some hiking poles.

  9. Hey Chris what kind of pants would you recommend? I can’t decide what to buy for winter hikes.

  10. Ted Staples says:

    Good job as usual. Love the videos.

  11. Jo.Explore says:

    Good hiking essentials for sure. Look forward to my next hike.

  12. Kelli Rustin says:

    Hey Chris!
    Another great video.
    I’m sure you caught wind of the snowpocalypse this year on the PCT.
    Knowing what the snow conditions were in the Sierras around May, would you have taken snowshoes on the Sierra section?
    I only saw one hiker pack out snowshoes out of the handful that I followed.
    What do you think you would have done?

  13. Interesting video, second of yours I have watched so subscribed.  Agree with the first 4 but over in the UK we do not have that amount of deep snow to be honest.  Think I am going to enjoy this channel.  Cheers from the UK, Alan

  14. Hii awesome page ☺ Keep it up!

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