First Rip On The Freshie 2019 ktm 250xc hard enduro build


Been documenting the process of building out this 2019 ktm 250xc and couldn’t wait any longer. Met up with Alec, jake and some other guys to do some ripping …


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18 Responses to “First Rip On The Freshie 2019 ktm 250xc hard enduro build”

  1. shakenbake11 says:

    How you like the xc vs the xc-w models?

  2. Nick Wortham says:

    What are you running for air pressure in the fork?

  3. Tim Maskell says:

    How do you like the 2019 XC?

  4. Love your videos. Great riding. Great terrain and trail maitnance. Too bad stickers didnt last :P. Check out our channel. We got some nice mountains in Poland. Almost like those in Romania. Ride safe! Ride hard!

  5. Kyle Moon says:

    The dude with the freestyle fender on the YZ is pure comedy

  6. PNW Enduro says:

    Sweet, I'm going crazy waiting for the snow to melt here, should be good to go next weekend though.

  7. Can't wait for the 4feet of snow to melt around here. I miss my yz250.

  8. NICKDOG154 says:

    Jake freaking rips!🤘🏼

  9. OffRoad805 says:

    Awesome vid! Dude on the YZ is a crack up! He rips!

  10. you should use heat gun gonna make the whole sticker grab better on plastics.

  11. Philipp says:

    You Should come to Romania one day! Awesome terains to ride in Sibiu!

  12. RacerRed says:

    Everyone was sending it lol.

  13. wooodsryder says:

    How do you like the "New" 19 frame?

  14. Darco#712 says:

    nice terrain you have there. i'm also expecting my 300xc 2019 next week, can't wait to set it and ride it, i'm coming from an exc 250 2017.

  15. Can I ask what air pressure / clicker settings you use in your air forks for enduro? Also do you change it much if you want to race a cross country. My last bike was a 2018 250xc and I used to run about 120psi and around 21 clicks .

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