Father and DaughterTrip Gear Review


My twelve year old daughter and I show you what gear we packed for a week long canoe trip in Ontario’s Pickerel River/Noganosh Lake area.


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19 Responses to “Father and DaughterTrip Gear Review”

  1. More good times! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, your daughter is growing up fast! Great memories.

  3. Hey Kevin good video with built in humour Thanks for sharing. I'm getting some steam up to to try Noganosh my self. Brian 76

  4. The North Runner! Kevin, I love that book! It's one of my top 3 and R.D. Lawrence has forever changed my life! Took me 3 days to tell my husband about the ending because I couldn't stop crying. A wonderful (but sad) story!

  5. More good times! Thanks for sharing.

  6. More good times! Thanks for sharing.

  7. One of your best vidoes!

  8. lol… looks like a lot of stuff…

  9. Doug Outside says:

    Man ,they grow up fast! -your daughter is a crazy as mine -fun vid ,thx man

  10. thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us …

  11. Memories to last you both a life time. Thank You for sharing!.

  12. Thereal111t says:

    I put that same bell on my kids when we go blueberry picking.

  13. Hatch61 says:

    What a great adventure, thanks for sharing.

  14. rolfalott says:

    my best friend and his son and myself and my two sons started at ess narrows and stayed on noganosh for six days from july 23 rd to the 29 th on an island camp site. if you stayed on the same island that we did, we built a "U" shaped aquarium so we could fish all day and not hurt the fish until we would clean them for dinner. if we did not catch enough for all five of us to eat, we would let them go, knowing we did not kill any fish if we were not going to eat them. not to mention still being bear conscious making sure there were no fish in the aquarium overnight. personally i would definitely go back to lake noganosh, it was very beautiful and the fishing was awesome. hope you and your daughter had a blast.

  15. Craig Twiner says:

    great video, good humoured as always, great to see you and your daughter camping and canoeing together, cheers craig

  16. Enjoy the trips with your daughter because they grow up then discover boys. Both my girls loved going on trips when they were younger then they grew up the trips stopped. Now they have family's of there own.Great video and looks like a great trip. My wife and I just returned home from Algonquin we had a great time spent 9days in the park in the backcountry.

  17. Funny video! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Holy CRAP! You have a lot of stuff! How long was the trip? Wow! What a nice trip! I wish I could do that again with MY daughter. In a few more years it will be with my granddaughter. Happy Paddling!

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