Exploring the Donner Summit Train Tunnels in Truckee


Exploring the Old Train Tunnels near Donner Summit – The old train tunnels up near Donner Summit in Truckee, CA are one of those spots that I explored at the …


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  1. mauiman52 says:

    Josh, I don't think Graffiti sprayers are among your audience. But thanks for mentioning and thanks to you and Amy for so many lovely videos and explorations to places where sometimes I wouldn't dare to open the door into.

  2. Mike Khuu says:

    Another awesome spot you featured. How many tunnels are there?

  3. I love your appeals towards decency!! My buddy Dustin from: Destination Adventure says
    Take nothing but pictures.
    Leave nothing but footprints.
    Kill nothing but time!! ✌😎

  4. Lol did someone paint a wutang sign.

  5. KM Merry says:

    Truckee & Donner are beautiful. 1 question. Were the train tracks inside the tunnels? Seems like a good way to get through the crazy snow. Please elaborate.

  6. Wth are they going to paint over it. That place is like a huge canvas

  7. Phil Graves says:

    And just look what the asshole Millennials have done with their paint!

  8. Nevada Hiker says:

    9 years in Reno and I've never been there! But I have been up Castle Peak and Sierra Buttes. Both are super cool hikes!

  9. Tony C says:

    Hey Josh! Wanted to say thank you so much for this video and your channel. I'm a California native and I did not know about this place. Your drone footage is absolutely amazing, I look forward to every new video you post and watching your channel grow. I'm a big supporter of what you do!

  10. Great video but I don't think my claustrophobia could take it. And I like the graffiti. Too bad they want to paint it over.

  11. Jessica Jane says:

    i personally like how the grafitti looks… without the grafitti the tunells would just like gray and dull. it adds an interesting element and some of the grafitti looks to be quite high quality with decent drawings

  12. Rob Buglass says:

    Great stuff , keep doing what you do .

  13. SP9325 says:

    Those tunnels weren’t in existence when the Coolies we’re digging out the right of way. Starting in the 1920s, those tunnels were added to increase the snow protection provided by preexisting wooden snow sheds. The most interesting spot on the hill is still under railroad control; Norden (demolished in the 80s) was a small company town with enclosed sidewalks and a covered turntable, so that when the snows would come it’d become an underground city and locomotive facility, earning it the nickname “Moletown”.

  14. Kelsey LM says:

    I went through the tunnels coming back home from Tahoe over the summer. It was my first time seeing it and it was super cool. Definitely recommend anyone near there to go !

  15. Y'know, there's a HUGE difference between a tunnel and a snowshed. Trivially simple to distinguish. Lots more snowsheds than tunnels were built, originally of wood, replaced w/masonry (less flammable)..

  16. Just an FYI. The “tunnels” with the windows are actually snow sheds and not tunnels. They were built to protect the tracks from avalanches.

  17. Alan Wu says:

    I'm Chinese, definitely want to go to visit there, thanks for your video!

  18. Anthony AKL says:

    What the name of this song in the video I want to know please.

  19. Zwish Tv says:

    i lived in truckee my whole life and know very cool places to go that no one really knows hmu if you would like to know

  20. Anthony AKL says:

    I could not find that soundtrack of this song on soundcloud.com can you please find what is the name of this song At 0:13.

  21. Anthony AKL says:

    what is the name of this song at 0:14

  22. Naomi Lynn says:

    I went there today

  23. Sutterjack says:

    Nice video – would have been even better if you could have added a little more history context

  24. We're actually filming an episode of our paranormal investigation series here!!

  25. x x says:

    Come back here in the winter. Ice galore.

  26. I'm a native Northern Californian and been coming to Truckee ever since I can remember but didn't know about these tunnels till a few years ago. If you don't want to hike up the China wall you can drive a little further up to the beginning of them and walk through the caves. And as someone else mentioned, the part you where in are snow sheds. I love the history, there's so much in just a small area. I plan to film a video walking through the caves tomorrow.

    I love the quality of your videos and you're an inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  27. Brian Tech says:

    Nice guide! I was at a local park this weekend and someone recommend I take the train from Oakland / Emeryville through Donner pass into Truckee and back. I wonder what it will be like now (almost Christmas), hopefully there will be snow in the mountains?

  28. Ballenxj says:

    Thanks for the mini tour. I'll give it a thumb up.

  29. Mike Khuu says:

    On top of my list. Would you know how many tunnels there?

  30. nmelkhunter1 says:

    I’m reading Nothing Like It In The World by Stephen Ambrose. This book is about the building of the transcontinental railroad and your video gives me a better appreciation of the work done on this portion of the railroad. The graffiti is real a slap in the face to the workers who worked, lived and died in the area.

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