exploring southern Idaho (sites and activities around Twin Falls, idaho)


Sites to see and things to do in The Twin Falls area. Includes: rock climbing, base jumping, camping, fishing, and site seeing along with a brief history.


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26 Responses to “exploring southern Idaho (sites and activities around Twin Falls, idaho)”

  1. EIRR1 says:

    I was born here nearly 22 year's ago

  2. fadedflage says:

    How old are you? Jk.

  3. EIRR1 says:

    21 ALMOST 22 year's ago

  4. Kody Stewart says:

    what was up with the ksp music…

  5. Kody Stewart says:

    ….ashton is shitty…I live there -_-

  6. Jettred2001 says:

    nice I live here and love it

  7. MrBruski83 says:

    City of comptwin!

  8. I suddenly feel proud to live in Idaho

  9. I live in CA and want out. Im thinking about moving to Idaho. This looks so nice.

  10. Wise Student says:

    I think you mean "Spuds"  They were called spuds before you were born !!!

  11. Natalia says:

    mr brusik it is nice and its not polluted at all and they have good schools you dont know wat ur talking about

  12. I accidentally found this place on Google eart, a few days ago. And I was thrilled. It's beautiful. A small town with a beautiful nature. I'd like to live there. I love to fish and the river is beautiful. Otherwise, I live in Serbia, which is also a beautiful country. I live in a city that is still less than the twin false.
    P.S. I am sorry for bad English

  13. how can you weigh balanced rock??

  14. miyubail says:

    I love Idaho. I've been living in southern Idaho since 1977, and yes, I'm from another country, another big city. Took me 3 years to get used to this rural area but I love it now.

  15. Very good video–especially compared to others on Twin Falls. Well produced introduction for people needing an idea of what is in the area.

  16. joelfiction says:

    I hear ksp music XD, lovely scenery though 🙂

  17. AleXx says:

    what's the name of the song in the beginning?

  18. Great video I hope to come and spend a week canoeing and site seeing

  19. MegaZoomer says:

    If you want your little girls to be raped by Muslims Twin Falls is the town that's ready to facilitate that!

  20. What is Daine Mishler up to these days? Did she move to Kimberly? Does she shop a lot at the Magic Valley Mall? Has she ever based jumped off the bridge? Maybe living in Jackpot at Cactus Pete's?

  21. Sucks the State is full of Racist bigots!!!

  22. haj811 says:

    legend has it many stagecoach and train robbers stashed lots of loot in city of rocks.

  23. Aji Mattew says:

    Californians are welcomed

  24. my home town and I'm home sick now

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