Exploring Idaho's City of Rocks


Our first major stop in Idaho was the City of Rocks. What was it like? Check out the video and we’ll show you! Want to follow our adventures? Check us out here: …


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10 Responses to “Exploring Idaho's City of Rocks”

  1. Liked the humor at end of video. Have same questions as BOV's.

    Thanks for the education and visuals

  2. Vagabloggers says:

    Thanks! As for the van… it's a 2001 B1500. We've logged roughly 35,000 miles over the past 2.5 years of travel. We travel very slowly, taking time to spend a couple of months and more in some states. We also try to do a fair amount of our travel by backpack.

  3. Looks fantastic! I wish I could find like minded people to make these kinds of trips with me. I have no problem traveling alone, but I'm sure it's much better with other people. Thanks for sharing…. 🙂

  4. Jim S. says:

    If anyone is interested in rock formations another cool spot is in the town of Lone Pine Ca. in the Alabama Hills. A lot of films were made there and its free to camp! Cool video guys!

  5. Vagabloggers says:

    We hang out with like minded "strangers" all the time! It definitely makes things fun and interesting. Easy places to find these like minded people are CouchSurfing and Meetup – Check 'em out and maybe they'll help. Cheers!

  6. Looks like a really neat place. Although I don't climb, I'd still love to hike there! The quality of the video is nice too. If you don't mind, what video camera do you use? haha, loved the end of the vid as well!

  7. Vagabloggers says:

    Thanks! We use a Canon Rebel T4i with an 18-255mm lens and a 50mm pancake lens. We've certainly been happy with the quality and hopefully as we learn to use it better, our videography will get better as well!

  8. gabe jackie says:

    So funny dude, the wife and I really had our sights on moving from Vegas to Boise, and city of Rocks was on our "to do" list. (We are both climbers) unfortunately no jobs were available there. (She's a travel nurse) but work is available in Colorado so that's where we be goin!…..not that I'm complaining mind you 🙂
    Another cool vid. Would have loved to see some bouldering, but I know how injuries go.

  9. is it legal to gold detect there or no?

  10. Aaron Hawley says:

    That looks like so much fun! I NEED TO VISIT THIS PLACE! i've been dying to rock climb. I have never seen this channel, I'm enjoying it. i gotta visit this place, hopefully i can get lucky… crossing fingers!

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