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Everyday Wear” In Magpul Core, “everyday” could mean scrambling across a snow covered ridgeline, trekking across the plains of Africa, or working through …


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  1. 1903tx says:

    Never thought I'd hear The Pogues in a Magpul ad

  2. cloud819 says:

    It looks like some great stuff. Checked out the page, ouch. I hope street prices are lower.

  3. Love the music! That makes Magpul even more awesome!

  4. Dave Smith says:

    I only buy Magpul and don't buy the knockoffs of Magpul because they are made in the US. My loyalty to Magpul wavers quite a bit when they start making stuff in mexico and Vietnam just like blackhawk.

    Sure, I hear Magpul that it is easier to make a better quality product in foreign countries since labor unions, minimum wage, and environmental "protections" drove out America's industry, but the point of Magpul in my eyes is to revive that industry. It isn't impossible to make as good of a product here in the US, sure it will cost a heck of a lot more, but Magpul customers are willing to buy because it's American. Is the quality worth that much more that it is better for jobs to be given to foreign countries? I can't say for anyone, but if that's the case, $2 slave labor made chinese T-shirts work just fine for me.

    Magpul is also is being a bit dishonest with the product advertising as they are well known for American products, and yet these foreign made products are not identified as not as such in the description and I think many people will buy it thinking they are buying US goods due to the price tag and the magpul brand.

    2016 is definitely a year of opposites, where Fox News becomes super liberal (stories on transgender people, anti-George Zimmerman, pro-feminists), US is opening relations with a communist country (Cuba), a communist is openly considered as a good American president (Sanders), where a New Yorker is the most conservative person of all (Trump), and where Magpul products are not made in the USA (made in a communist country that killed many of our finest, and another country that intends to kill us by "diversity"/invasion and drugs).

  5. Dale Knight says:

    Wild rover unexpected but great

  6. 762x35mm says:

    awesome! I'm glad the Magpul brand is expanding.

    Now can I purty pleeze have a Sand MOE-K pistol grip to match my Sand P-MAG's?

    k thnx

  7. Snapper314 says:

    Interesting.  But will the long pants have Articulated Knees and Gusseted Crotches?  Both help prevent pants from binding and riding up when you bend over, kneel, or sit down.

  8. You guys should really meter out your videos slowly. Dumping them all at once like this will mean less views, and people like me won't appreciate it, as it spams the subscription feed full.

  9. Well no one can accuse Magpul of not diversifying, ha.

  10. deltaecho1 says:

    wish they had a type of pants meant for not too too cold weather. Something I Can run in during the autumn, pre winter type weather.

  11. Suitup says:


  12. Bill Marcy says:

    What does Costa say about these?

  13. Jimmy Guldan says:

    What's the song name?

  14. That Guy says:

    Are you guys hiring?!

  15. on the 0:30 mark, that padded sling, any input please.

  16. David says:

    Since Hillary's going to take our rights …. hey how bout a shirt!

  17. Damn JBlick, you are "the" American. God Bless You.

  18. FreewolfA5 says:

    STILL, no handguard for Yugo AK's, neither M-loc nor Zhukov?????
    How many years has it been since the Yugo Zhukov stock was introduced????
    I will remind you of the very few Yugo AK handguards on the market…
    You guys asleep over there, or what??? SERIOUSLY????

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