Emerald Pools Cliff Jumping


Emerald Pools is arguably the best swimming hole in Northern California for cliff jumpers. It features cliffs suitable for all different skill levels reaching heights up …


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44 Responses to “Emerald Pools Cliff Jumping”

  1. oceanceaser says:

    Love the edit, McConkey is a real nice touch

  2. Peter Bazz says:

    So sick! Love your vids man.

  3. Nick I wrote a comment on the "Royal Gorge for America" vidéo can you answer please? I was asking you if you created de mix of speech + music your if you found it. Thx for Answer 🙂

  4. elijahauer says:

    Dude nick. i freaking love this video! And i could just chill over a huge canyon in my hammock listening to that song.

  5. Such a sweet looking spot

  6. was just curious nick, where you in the falling off the rock videos done in bermuda in like 2011? if so i used to watch that shit all the time, thats when i learned to love cliff jumping.

  7. How it called the song in this video?

  8. Dimentic says:

    Damn dope :O

    What is the name on the first song ? 🙂

  9. Nathan Adams says:

    Saucer Boy for life bro! Miss that guy…sick video man

  10. holy shit dopest vids ever u guys make the most litt cliff vids

  11. AlgeRias says:

    i really want do this

  12. NorthWest NW says:

    Why do you (have to add) "cliff-jumping" in the title—isn't that all you vlog (for the most part)?

  13. Big Swings says:

    Watched this mad times. This place is nasty.

  14. Dude, the shane mcconkey parts gave me the chills. That guy is such an inspiration,. Can't believe you were jumping at one of the same places he had jumped at, so gnar.

  15. CLAN YES says:

    Osogna Swiss https://youtu.be/nopEKpvbBrU visita il mio canale CLAN YES ciao tutti

  16. TJ BATTISTON says:

    Nick your awesome , i watch all your vids and it would mean so much if you could subscribe to me . Thank you

  17. What's the sound call

  18. yo duude…greets from switzerland…..absolutely love your videos man. we are also into cliff jumping and we make videos combined with canyoning.

    you pick great music for your videos…

    whats the name of this song? the first one?

  19. Hello,Nick!Nice to meet you from Russia!Respect you and success in development of the channel!:-)

  20. Azhiaziam says:

    I jumped from that highest jump, no shoes, feet first, cracked my tailbone… No joke

  21. Phillijr says:

    Awesome video and sick move at :26 👍

  22. how old is shanes dad?

  23. Swissbeatbox says:

    Very good the video!

  24. Ryan Taeza says:

    This account is so underrated.

  25. Colin Hebb says:

    Taking a vacation to california how do you get here?

  26. Ryan Taeza says:

    I love your channel so much. This video is amazing and emerald pools is a sick place to jump. I was just there today. Keep making videos!!!

  27. Inspired me to check this place out. Norcal represent

  28. Emac says:

    1:25 Best gainer I have ever seen

  29. Brandon Daub says:

    Alright Shaun White, enough of the boot grabs

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