Duxtop Induction Cooktop 8100MC | Product Review | Portable Induction Electric Stovetop


In this video we review the Duxtop 8100MC induction cook top Check out the cooktop on amazon here — Although we have a gas range this is our go to cooking apparatus….


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6 Responses to “Duxtop Induction Cooktop 8100MC | Product Review | Portable Induction Electric Stovetop”

  1. Tom … you gotta clean your feet … errr, I mean, the feet of the induction cook top. LOL

  2. This one is nicer than the one I bought for about the same price. Mine only has the timer and only 6 settings. Like yours with the temp setting and the full 1-10 settings. Mine did come with a nice non-stick fry pan. Love mine and I used to really like cooking with gas. Mine has the fan noise and beeps too.

  3. Richard M says:

    You didn't mention that it doesn't heat up the RV as much as the stove. I use one almost exclusively off of the inverter fed by solar. The only time we used the stove was when we wanted to warm up the RV. Good review and an excellent addition.

  4. Mark Zwerk says:

    I am certainly getting one of these. I cook primarily in cast iron so I dont envision any problems. With the exception of the weight of the pans themselves. Thank you so much for all of the good info. P.S. It is the 8100 MC, In the video you mention it as the 1800. Just hope you get a kick out of this and save it for a blooper reel.

  5. RV Habit says:

    I'm in search of an induction cooktop for the RV. My stove at home is induction and it is a great idea for the RV. They are much faster than propane. This one looks pretty nice. Thumbs up, Lou.

  6. Regarding induction heating, even if the material is not ferrous or magnetic currents are induced and the metal is heated. They use this method to melt all kinds of metal since like you said, they have electrical resistance. Copper pans for example are not magnetic and they work fine, so what would the real limiter be for a pan to be compatible?

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