In this video we show you the type of tents that Disney will set up for you for 30.00 a night in addition to the price you pay for the site. They have cots they can set …


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  1. A. Miller says:

    Thanks so much for showing the 2,000 tent and pop up loop. We were in Orlando in Aug 2014, and visited the Fort campground through the bus system to ferry, but didn't get a chance to see loops 1500 and 2000. I wanted to see that part of disney for ideas if we decide to return a few years from now. We stayed at a off site resort about 3 miles away from the Disney Freeway entrance. Also thanks for showing the group camping sites. Disney does not make information about these sites readily available. Rumor has it that those group site have a per person rate vs the $60 to $115 rate per night for the partial, full, and premium sites. I am not sure if the guest have to have a minimum amount of guest to be eligible to reserve the group site, but if not then a family of 4 would pay $7 to $8 per person per night. $32 per night for four people at a dry site would be cheaper than the minimum partial sites? There are no hookups for those 8 to 10 group tent sites.

    I'm curious if you saw any 16ft to 24ft camper trailers (non-pop ups) in the 2000 loops. I know the 2000 loops are for tent and popups, but I have been told that it has been done before.

  2. A. Miller says:

    LOL. When trying to get the family of 6 from the North East to Disney and experience a magical vacation to at least three of the parks and at least one of the water parks, backing up a 24ft camper in a tent site is motivation for a $50 to $80 per night site depending on their price season. It is very difficult when Disney increases their prices every year for the past 4 years. Not only the daily rates, but also the rates for the tickets becomes really discouraging for many families. There were some popups on this video that were at least 24ft when fully extended in the 2000 loop.

    I just may have to test this theory on my own with a back up plan when we get back down there in the future. I am expecting the rates to be at least 15-20% more by 2020. That is the year that is set as a goal for the whole family to make that trip again.

    Do you prefer the full, premium, or preferred sites? Again, Great Video!

  3. BlckCloud73 says:

    Were mosquitoes a problem? If so, how did you deal with them?

  4. RoadTrippin says:

    We have not noticed a mosquito problem at the campground. Over the years we have noticed a few more mosquitoes at the campfire but during the summer we have noticed Disney sprays for mosquitos. We usually don't do anything other than having a citronella candle on our picnic table. 🙂 Thanks for watching. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see at the campground .

  5. I am so glad I looked at this vlog. My husband and I was wondering how camping would be there and you helped us out!! We liked and subscribed and if you don't mind to subscribe to us. We are just starting out and will have a lot of adventures in Florida and in our state of WV going camping and kayaking. Thanks again for the video!

  6. Thanks for the video! We just subscribed to your channel. We love camping (although, we do not currently have a camper), but have been thinking about tenting there. We are fellow Disney lovers and new to YouTube vlogging and would love if you could check out some of our videos and subscribe to our channel. We are actually doing a subscriber video and welcome you to get in on it for your chance to win 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAXsA3HxyOg

  7. vegasdavetv says:

    thumbs up all the way

  8. Hi, thanks for the great video! Just curious to know if any of the tent sites have an issue with flooding?

  9. Fae Travel says:

    curious why did they put you in a cabin?? what happened with the tent?

  10. Fae Travel says:

    thank you for sharing the info! sorry to hear that happened! last time we were there we were very cold and didn't have enough blankets. they have us two thick blankets that they use at the cabins! They didn't want them back. We still have them and use them all the time! We are coming in August! can't wait

  11. Malka Isler says:

    Do you think that 4 cots could have fit in the tent?

  12. brightful5 says:

    great video jeremy from nj how much was it per day?

  13. Taly says:

    Hello! I love your videos! I will be camping soon with our cub scout pack very soon and I was wondering if you ever got to film while there was actual people camping? thanks!

  14. Tia Mack says:


  15. Heather Sims says:

    35$ a night for the tent. How much for the camp sight?.

  16. can you park free at the parks?

  17. K Kates says:

    I didn't see any campfire rings…Do they allow campfires?

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