Deuter ACT Lite 40+10 Backpack Review


Deuter’s ACT Lite 40+10 is a best-seller, and with good reason. Its adjustable shoulder strap system is perfect for the growing or picky backpacker looking for a …


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22 Responses to “Deuter ACT Lite 40+10 Backpack Review”

  1. miranon says:

    Great backpack, i have one. Excellent quality. The only thing is missing is a rain coat.

  2. cbclimber says:

    I use the 40+10 all the time…best ruck I ever owned.

  3. man pulo says:

    i got 1…but underlicense…

  4. How big can the waist belt go cuz i have a 40 inch waist.

  5. but u may use the rain cover.

  6. mbielchris says:

    The Northe Face Crestone 60, if you think it's not big enough go for the 75

  7. Tony Scully says:

    I'd go for this, there is a female version which is cabin friendly it's the 35 + 10SL 🙂

  8. Keith Mason says:

    This review is the reason I bought this pack, so thank you!

  9. I already bought it yesterday with the red color hahaha

  10. MsTiK says:

    It is on the smaller scale but if it works for you… I have the Deuter Quantum 55+10 and used it while interrailing for 3 weeks. (Male version, now they have only female one.) Thought it was great and good size, could fit a few more clothes but I was still able to carry it for a day in warm weather. I'm a bit taller female, myself.

  11. hey!since ur 5'6 in height i could recommend for you the deuter act trail 32.its not really huge but it can carry more loads as long as u know how to load ur things properly.goodluck

  12. flamboyantST says:

    Btw there is no rain cover I guess ?

  13. How much weight can this bag hold without stressing or damaging the bag?

  14. katj says:

    The way you treat that backpack seriously hurt me. Lol.

  15. sublimeaudio says:

    Hi, Is this  waterproof? The only thing I'm missing is a rain cover built in..

  16. Luke Diamond says:

    is there a rain cover? or is it water proof?

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