Depot Climbing technique: flagging


It’s time to learn some climbing technique. Improving you technique is the fastest way to improving your ability as a climber, flagging is something everyone …


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2 Responses to “Depot Climbing technique: flagging”

  1. asd ed says:

    Very well made video thanks!

  2. MBorgC says:

    Really well made video guys, great quality and clear presentation of the movements.

    As an instructor of 10 years though it may be worth mentioning that (to my knowledge) the two moves you are showing are slightly mislabeled. What you call an inside flag is usually referred to as a rear (US) or reverse (UK) flag as the flagging foot passes behind the supporting foot. This tends to be used when the supporting foot is considered 'high'. An inside flag is used to maintain stability when the supporting foot is 'low' and the flagging foot passes on the 'inside' of the leg.

    What you referred to as an 'outside' flag is usually referred to as an ordinary, side or regular flag.

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