Deadly Quests-Gear Review-Six Moons Lunar Solo


Taking a look at my shelter, the Six Moons Lunar Solo.


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  1. woode1969 says:

    nice in-depth video

  2. about to buy one from SMD, your review helped make the decision. cheers

  3. oxdrift76 says:

    If I heard you correctly you said the Lunar Solo weighs 14oz; it's actually about twice that with stakes. I have one. Wish it were that light, be a real winner.

  4. oxdrift76 says:

    FYI. Anyone planning on purchasing this tent should know that only the 30oz. version (heavier floor and mesh) is available until August. Also if you order Six Moon stuff through, you'll save the freight on anything over $100.00.
    Realistically, you're looking at a 2lb. tent. Add stakes (which don't come with it) some guylines and either their carbon fiber pole or one of your trekking poles and you're at or slightly over 2lb. And no, I don't work for Hikelite.

  5. Tee Jay says:

    Excellent review. I've had my eye on it. The specs are great.
    I've never used a trekking pole design. Any concerns about snapping or bending a pole? Or is is set up in such a way that it's not receiving a lot of tension?
    Again, nice job with this.

  6. Rob Mahoney says:

    Eric, how tall are you please?  Also, if you used a thicker sleeping pad such as an inflatable, do you think you'd run out of foot space? How long does it take you to pitch and taut the Lunar Solo at the end of a day of hiking? Overall good review! Hopefully you can help me decide between this and the Skyscape models. (p.s. Hammock camping has it's own drawbacks, I've switched back to tents / tarps)

  7. @Rob I'm tall. 6'4."  Plenty of space at feet for gear and stuff.  Good headroom in the middle.  I can easily set this up in five minutes or less.  Recommend buying six quality tent stakes.  Used it all this summer.  Second year now.  Best ultra light tent I've ever owned.  

  8. Entheogin913 says:

    Would you recommended this tent? Do you think it has a long lifespan?

  9. I want to buy a tent or tarp or even a bivvy bag, that I can carry around when city hopping (and sleeping for free) as well as going hiking and nature.

    My big concern is storing my backpack and ukulele inside the shelter of my choice (as well as the fact that I will probably get a down sleeping bag, which I'm still not sure about).

    Do you think I could put my backpak/gear inside without it having any problems?

    Cheers for an answer

  10. you could totally fit your pack and a ukulele in there with you

  11. Excellent tent you got here. I also made a six moon design video. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Any suggestions will help

  12. Right at about 2:42 when you were showing how high the roof was… there was a huge drop of water or condensation. What was that exactly?

  13. ChuckNoctis says:

    Ta en uppdutt fö fan

  14. anand reddy says:

    Six telugu movie that is a

  15. 40intrek says:

    check out tarp tents site for a video on seam sealing . I learned the hard way.

  16. aaron glancy says:

    Is the bug net/ bath tub floor attached or was it extra?

  17. armourbl says:

    I found your video while trying to make my decision on a new tent. I have the same sleeping bag. I'm not as tall as you, I'm 6' 1", and my main concern was length. That is one of my main requirements, need it to be long enough. I've been on the fence hard, very indecisive, but now I think I can get it confidently. Thanks for the video.

  18. Jeri Atrix says:

    Forget their carbon fiber optional pole; use a trekking pole. The CF one isn't stiff enough and will flex if you try for a nice taut pitch. I have the LE version. Good tent, very stable in wind and no fiddling around with orientation; any direction will work. Always have one of those cloths that absorb "47 times their weight in water" with you; you will get condensation on the canopy.

  19. Lori Charen says:

    Hey Eric, great videos! Michael my oldest son is planning on hiking that same trail! Could use some of your expert advice….get ahold of me when you can. Hope all is well! 😊

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