DD Hammock SUPERLIGHT 3×3 TARP SET UP and Review – Nath’s Lightweight Hiking Gear


DD Hammock SUPERLIGHT 3×3 TARP SET UP and Review – Nath’s Lightweight Hiking Gear. In this, the final instalment of Summit or Nothing’s Nathan’s Lightweight journey (phase one), Nathan takes…


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17 Responses to “DD Hammock SUPERLIGHT 3×3 TARP SET UP and Review – Nath’s Lightweight Hiking Gear”

  1. Great video! I was looking on Amazon just last night at this exact tarp, as I want to try a tarp and bivey wildcamp next year. I make a mistake, when I got my tent, in sending back the £23 groundsheet what was an optional extra with it and buying a waterproof groundsheet from Wilco's for £3. Yes, it saved £20 but the difference in weight was unbeliveable. You mentioned ultra lightweight in the video, does this this also mean durable? Don't want it to split or tear when putting in the pole. Do you just use your normal walking poles in the setup? Thanks for sharing this great video, which helps me to make sure I do not make further bad gear choices. Cheers Alan

  2. Steve Walton says:

    Excellent choice dd tarps n hammocks Best in the world just one tip be shore to put something on top your ridge pole to prevent damage to tarp .. Ie sock" or tennis ball

  3. I see a lot of the American long distance trail walkers go with a similar set up. What is the weight? I've been debating between a tarp set up and a one man tent… hopefully next year but definitely the year after next. But I am wanting it for both trail and mountain use… so as well as weight being a key factor, durability in the wind is also a major factor. I've no intention of winter camping so 3 season is fine for me. The problem I see with the pole set up is that it voids your life time guarantee on Leki poles.

  4. Tony yates says:

    Can't wait to see you pitch this up in anger, nice vid.

  5. Definitely a better choice of shelter Nath. How do you find f the quality of DD? I kind of was never 100% sure of DD pyramid. Zip quality wasn't great, plus the stitching.

  6. Spot on Nath. I use that configuration more than any other. You can use the small pole outside instead inside as it does the same job but gives you that little bit more room. Atb Sconja 👍

  7. As you've probably seen over the last year or so its been a reliable set up for us too guys. We've had it out in some really high winds before (xmas day wild camp and the more recent lake district wild camp) and its performed brilliantly. It's probably our most favourite set up. 1 thing we will mention though, even with the big front opening the condensation is a big problem during the winter when the temperature drops between minus -5 > +5 deg C. Quite a few times we've sat up and had our hair washed ha ha. Looking forward to seeing you out in it over winter though Nath, we think you'll love it 🙂 All the best, Gareth&Zoe Wildcamps

  8. Nice tarp set up Nath, bit more protection and less fiddling than the basha, cool 😎

  9. Paul Curless says:

    Great review, and seems like a much better set up. Especially as you lads hike mainly in Dartmoor. The basha style set up is best suited for forests, where you can make us of trees instead of poles.

  10. Great video Nath I like using the 3×3 sets up fast may go back to it. If you want a lightweight groundsheet I use very thin plastic sheet doesn't weigh much. Then you wouldn't need the bivvi bag. Enjoy your tarpology lol. All the best. Cheers Karl

  11. K9 Outdoors says:

    The DD Superlight tarp setup is a bomb proof setup Nath, i used it on top of Kinder Scout a year back in a terrible thunderstorm with very heavy rain and terrible gusts of wind and it remained up and kept us (me & my two dogs) relatively dry. Two points to consider, the first like Gareth&Zoe mentioned you do get condensation in damp/wet weather even though the door is open, the second if the rain is being blown in strong gusts it will blow through your doorway area even if you close the flaps at the front because there is always a small opening. One to try that is really great is the 'Star' that sets up like a MLD Trailstar and is rarely used, dont know why because its a great set up, fully enclosed if you wish in bad weather. Check out 'Papa Hiker' channel for it. Atb Bill.

  12. Nice one, much better protection, wind shedding, lighter anymore usable dry space inside. All round better setup.

  13. George Post says:

    I have nothing to add to the tarp conversation, just wanted to say hello and say good to see Moby.

  14. Stu Bloggs says:

    Had been thinking about going down the 'tarp-road' so this was of interest to me……..well explained Nath, cheers…..Stu.

  15. Great tarp setup Nath, I use a Luxe Hexpeak tent and find it sheds the wind realy well, so have made a lightweight ground sheet using a secondry glazing plastic film , its quit tuff, I have it under my sleep system, got mine from wicks D I Y, just helps to keep the weight down, hope this helps, I enjoy the adventures both your selves and the girls, keep up the good work, Take care, Les.

  16. That is a great tarp. I have the standard 3 x 3 version and love it's versatility when hammocking or sleeping on the ground. Condensation is an issue as well as rain getting in but does depend on configuration used. Thank you for sharing. Paul 🙂

  17. I hope you threw that ball. Moby looked so fed up with you not pay him any attention X Looks like a great Tarp X

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