Day Hiking Backpack Checklist


A day hiking pack dump discussion video! Recently we were hiking along a rocky mountain trail and decided to show you what’s in our day backpacks.


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18 Responses to “Day Hiking Backpack Checklist”

  1. nice video thanks for sharing atb John

  2. we already know that christina is the chef you need to start letting her telling us about whats for supper.after walking all day we are looking forward to whats for supper

  3. no sleeping bag inserts or blanket of anykind.maybe a little entertainment like a game or alcohol

  4. Good vid, sweet little spot between the rocks, nice tip on the pack carabiner to keep it off the ground too

  5. Nice load out mate, what knife do you use

  6. Nice kit and really cool spot! I just got myself one of those Nikon AW cameras. It seems to be pretty good so far 🙂
    Thanks for sharing – Martin

  7. Looks like a nice area. Thanks for sharing. Looks go for some light weight and emergency. I will have to review mine and make some changes.

  8. that spot u filmed was beautiful. great gear loadout 🙂

  9. This was a very cool video man. Knowing what people use in that environment, is great information. Thanks alot for sharing, and I'm glad to be watching the Bush channel. 🙂

  10. Tom Ritter says:

    just found your channel through kullcraven great channel cheers ….Tom

  11. 1:34 Whats the orange stuff in the baggy? Love that saw, thanks for sharing your day hiking kit. Nice natural made resting table for your bladder pack. Interesting rock structures. I like the strap to hang your bag. I'm going to add that to my pack. Awesome view at the end. Great video my friend. I am heading out this weekend with just my Village Parang and some food and water. Using your intro.

  12. Drone Girl says:

    That's a lot of things and all needed! Greetings from Ireland 🙂

  13. loving the minimalist pack.

  14. what a great camping spot

  15. Enn Macgee says:

    No first aid kit?

  16. Enjoyed the video keep up the good work

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