Crossing over the Cairngorm Mountain's – Part 2 (Winter Solo Hiking & Camping Adventure)


I set out on a solo winter hiking and camping trip to try and cross from one side of the Cairngorm mountains to the other side while attempting to summit the …


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13 Responses to “Crossing over the Cairngorm Mountain's – Part 2 (Winter Solo Hiking & Camping Adventure)”

  1. HikeVentures says:

    Nice scenery πŸ‘

  2. Nice camping spot, very cool.
    It looks cold. I sweat a lot so a slow controlled movement would be critical to mitigate hyperthermia. What boots and socks are you wearing to keep your feet dry and warm? Nothing worse than cold wet feet.
    8 minutes is a perfect video time.

  3. Wye Explorer says:

    You looked happy as Larry out there Stone. Awesome place to be trekking and a wet one. Now that was a far out place to bivvy. I'd love the chance to get my head down there. I bet it felt wild and wonderful. Good going. I'm enjoying the series. Mark

  4. Looks chilly. Did you have the shelter stone to yourself? Whenever I've walked there, it's always rammed.

  5. Snooch tv says:

    Man that's looks like an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing. I bet that water was cold

  6. Larry Bees says:

    Excellent stuff Stone !! comparative comfort in Shelter stone !! Brilliant . fit as a fiddle !!!

  7. Found you on Reddit just now. Always happy to find new vloggers. It looks cold out there D:

  8. Cool share mate , she’s nippy looking 😳merry Christmas πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

  9. Hello there. Did you carry firestarters or was there enough dry wood near the shelter stone (winter conditions make it hard to find dry wood along the way and I'm setting off into the Cairngorms soon also)? Thank you

  10. Such a nice hike over some wild looking country. Stunning!
    I love the rock shelter. Now following your channel. Thankyou so much for sharing my new friend. πŸ‘

  11. LOVED THE VIDEO !! Nice scenery, great scenic places. You chose the perfect place to stay overnight.

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